Don’t Want To Hire A Cleaning Service? Deep Clean Your Home Just As Good With These Products

Nobody enjoys cleaning their home, especially when a deep clean is necessary. However, the cost of hiring a cleaning service can be prohibitive. If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to achieve the same effect as hiring a cleaner, here are a few products which you should try which are sure to impress. Put our expert tips into practice, and your home will be sparkling without having to pay out for a professional clean!

Cleaning Your Windows

They say that the windows are the eyes of your home, and if they’re dirty, they give the wrong impression to your guests and passers-by. Keeping your windows isn’t always as easy as it looks, but if you’d like to avoid the expense of calling in a professional cleaning team, all you need is some white vinegar, some water and some microfiber cloths. Make up a solution of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and then spray onto your windows, both outside and inside. Use one microfiber cloth to wipe the solution over the glass to get rid of any marks and stains and then use a second, dry cloth to finish cleaning the window. Make sure that you clean your windows on a cloudy day to avoid any unsightly streaking.

Clean Your Sink

Your kitchen sink can be one of the more unpleasant areas of your home to clean, especially if it smells bad. However, you can clean the sink and create a more pleasant aroma very quickly and easily. Slice a lemon into quarters and use a piece to wipe around the sink. It will quickly remove any stains and grime and then you can put the rind down the garbage disposal unit. This will quickly disperse bad odors while leaving the sink sparkling bright.

Cleaning The Microwave

Your microwave can be a real pain to clean, especially if soup or sauces have become splattered all over the inside. Luckily, it’s surprisingly easy to get rid of the marks. Simply pop a bowl of water into the microwave with a chopped up lemon in it. Put it on a high temperature for a couple of minutes and then take out the bowl. The steam created should have loosened all the built-up dirt so it can easily be removed with a scourer.

Clean Stainless Steel

Whether you have stainless steel appliances or counter tops, it can be difficult to get them looking new and sparkling every time. Marks can easily build up on the surface and it’s difficult to get rid of fingerprints and stains. One effective solution is to make up a mix of dishwashing detergent and water. Use a quart of hot tap water and a teaspoon of detergent and mix well. Apply the mix to the stainless steel surface in small amounts and rub with a microfiber cloth in circles until the stains are removed. Rinse using clean, warm water and then dry with a fresh, clean and dry microfiber cloth. The result will be perfect!

Cleaning Carpets

If you have a carpeted home, you’ll need to vacuum on a regular basis. However, if you have pets, this can prove to be a more complex chore than you imagined. Pet hair gets everywhere and can be difficult to remove from carpets. Choose a vacuum cleaner that is designed specifically for use on pet hair. Visit now to find more information about how to choose the best pet hair vacuum cleaner to suit your needs.

External Cleaning

The outside of your home requires a deep clean just as much as the inside, and the best solution for your cleaning projects on the exterior of your property is a pressure washer. There are lots of types of pressure washer, so make sure you choose the right one to suit your requirements, however you’ll find that they make easy work of cleaning everything from sidings and driveways to decking and paths.

Follow these top tips and you’ll discover that you don’t need to hire a professional cleaning service. You can deep clean your home on your own without having to spend a lot or put in a lot of effort!

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