Do Not Make These Common Mistakes On Your Wedding Day

Do Not Make These Common Mistakes On Your Wedding DayThe wedding day is nerve-wracking. There’s no doubt about this at all. No matter what you do, how well you plan and then plan some more, things can go wrong. A shower can spoil your garden reception. A bridesmaid could get sick, the groomsmen could be having a hangover – a lot could go wrong. But there are a few common mistakes that people make and these can be avoided:

  1. Not eating healthy – the wedding day is full of nerves and not eating on that day is not going to help matters at all. Make sure the caterer has some fruit, nuts and juices for you as you start your day. Even sandwiches and light snacks will work fine. You don’t want to be walking down the aisle and have a fainting spell!
  2. Not giving yourself enough time to get ready – your make up team will know how much time they need. As will your hair team. And let’s not forget the time you’ll take to get into the dress. Give yourself enough and more time to go through the entire routine without getting hassled. Bathroom breaks, refreshment breaks – keep everything in mind. Maybe you need your cravat in a particular way, maybe the suit needs another round of ironing. Give yourself enough time for these last minute emergencies. You want to look your best on your wedding. That requires a bit of planning and time considerations.
  3. Not focussing on the photographs – this is also a task that requires you to put in some time and thought. Check out potential photographers; visit their studio, blog or Facebook and Instagram pages. Talk to them about what you need on your wedding day. Giving them a typed list might help too because they’ll know what to look out for. It might be a good idea to have someone from your family or a friend to handle this aspect.
  4. Trying to do more than be the bride or the groom – you’ve done everything you could, the day has arrived. Now is not the time to organise, micro-manage and plan. You must make sure that someone else is handling all that. All you need to do is smile, be happy and enjoy this day of celebration and each other.
  5. Not spending time with loved ones – even if you’ve decided to rent a villa and have a wedding weekend, you should make sure you spend time with the people gathered there to celebrate your special day. Your friends, family, close colleagues are all rooting for you, so a shout-out to them will be appreciated. Mingle with the crowd, talk to everyone and enjoy being the focus of everyone’s attention as well.
  6. Making bumbling speeches – not everyone enjoys making speeches anywhere, including at their wedding. But it can be worked out if you prepare for your speech. Keep a list of people you need to thank – caterer, decorator, make up and costume people, DJ, family and friends and acknowledge them individually. Keep more than a copy around. Even if you lose one, someone will hand you another. Regardless of how nervous you are, a well prepared speech is usually also well received.
  7. Losing stuff – make sure everything is in its place – the veil, shoes, tie pin and what have you. Keep all your jewellery in separate boxes, in the order they must be worn. Use the hotel safe for added security. An important point here is the wedding ring! Wedding rings and diamond rings are undoubtedly valuable and not just because of the cost of the metal and the stone. They are valuable because of the emotion attached to the stone and the ring. All the more reason to ensure that it’s kept safe and not misplaced during the wedding. Make sure you entrust the ring to someone trustworthy so you’re not caught standing and waiting as someone flails about trying to find it! This will cause you unnecessary moments of panic.
  8. Get the music right – whether it’s for the walk down the aisle or for the reception that follows, get music that goes with the mood. Hire a professional if you have to, or get a music-oriented friend to help you with this. This can really set the stage for the event and festivities that follow.
  9. Not having fun – the wedding is a celebration of love and unity. Don’t forget that in the process of getting everything absolutely right. It doesn’t matter in the end, if the flowers aren’t what you wanted or if there’s a stain on the dress. None of it matters except the fact that you’re committing to someone in the presence of people who matter. That’s what you should be focussing on.

Weddings are a great time to get together with close ones as you celebrate an important milestone in your life. Enjoy yourself and be sure to avoid these mistakes.


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