Divorce Matters – Things to consider before filing a for a divorce

You might be debating your feelings and wondering ‘should I file for a divorce’?

Sometimes the prospect of divorce gets people out of the rational way of thinking. This is often seen when people jump into filing a divorce without even thinking of its consequences. This article aims at bringing out some of the things that you should consider before filing for divorce. We hope to help you realize that divorce should be a well-thought process not something to be rushed into. Remember, your divorce matters.

When should you consider filing a divorce?

No perfect time can be termed as the best time to consider filing for divorce. However, below are some of the indicators that show your relationship might be heading for a divorce.

1.    Accusations

Continued accusations and blame among partners are among the number one causes of divorces.  Accusations work in the way of bringing up disagreements which end up in breaking trust and bringing up a feeling of vengeance in a relationship.

A successful relationship is characterized by tolerance and forgiveness.

  1.    Abuse

Physical and emotional abuse works against all chances of having a healthy, thriving relationship. It’s true no marriage is easy. But regardless of the situation, no one should tolerate abuse from the partner.

  1. 3.    Lack of communication

Communication plays a crucial part in the wellness of a marriage. Good communication practices include being mindful when your spouse is talking, and avoiding arguments and the throwing of insults at each other.

  1.    Lack of intimacy

Feeling cut off or not connected to your spouse can quickly ruin a relationship. This is because it gives one the feeling that he is living with a stranger — converting you from a couple to mere roommates.

Intimacy isn’t always about sex. It can be lack of physical or emotional connection. If you are not giving your partner a shoulder to lean on once things get worse, then you might be putting your relationship on the line.

Things to consider before filing a divorce

  1.    Think of repairing your relationship

Think of talking to a marriage counselor.

If not a marriage counselor, then talk to someone you consider an authority who can advise both of you. This will see you see separation as the last step, rather than the first step.

Seeking a counselor will not only save your relationship but will also provide a good support system for yourselves.

You can also think of improving communication

Consider having a meaningful conversation about the disagreements in your relationship.

  1.    Think of your safety

Your safety and that of your children should be an essential factor to consider. Are you safe from physical abuse? What about your children?

Previous researches have shown that about 50 percent of abuse occurs either before separation or after the separation. So it’s always important to play safe before it gets to the worst.

  1.    Talking to an attorney

This is one of the most critical things you should consider before filing for divorce.

In an event where only a break is needed, an attorney will advise on the difference between a legal separation and a divorce.

An attorney will also be of great help when it comes to the division of property. An attorney will play a big part in ensuring that the wealth is shared on either premarital agreement basis or equal terms.

  1.    Is it the only thing left?

If yes, are you prepared? Here are some two crucial things you should take into consideration in preparation for a divorce.

Your finances

Before filing the divorce, it is important to review the family’s finances. You should keep good records of property, investments accounts, and bank statements.

By doing this, you will cater for your financial situation in the future. This is an important step especially when your partner is the sole breadwinner of the family.  With this, you will always be in a better position, in case the event of a divorce happening.

Your children

Who will be the custodian of your children? How much support will be required from the other partner? These are some of the questions you should answer concerning your children before filing for the divorce.

Bottom line    

Divorce is not an issue that should be taken lightly. Some ten years from now you would not want to say to yourself “ I made the wrong the decision.” Thus choose wisely depending on your situation …

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