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Discover the Sophisticated & Exotic Design of a Fricaine Handbag

A special thanks to Fricaine for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with one of their products for free in exchange for an honest review!

Discover the Sophisticated & Exotic Design of a Fricaine Handbag #FricaineHandbags

I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to handbags, they are by far my favorite accessory. There is nothing quite like getting a brand new purse and breaking it in. Discovering all of the features, pockets and compartments and neatly organizing all of your purse’s belongings. Then finding the perfect outfit to help show off your gorgeous new bag! I am always looking for unique and stylish bags because quite frankly I love to live a bit on the wild side… sometimes a solid colored bag just isn’t doing it for me. I recently discovered an amazing website that is all about sophisticated and exotic designs which I instantly fell in love with. Fricaine offers high quality fashionable products made from globally-sourced exotic fabrics that accentuate the tastes and unique style preferences that customers like me love.

Discover the Sophisticated & Exotic Design of a Fricaine Handbag #FricaineHandbags


The Fricaine Charming Wink Satchel Bag is made of high quality synthetic leather that meshes with the body, which is made from 100% cotton using special wax printing technology. This bag contains four distinct wax fabric patterns that were combined to make this a trendy, functional and eye-catching handbag. The patterns on this bag are extremely vivid and I just love the uniqueness of it. All of the hardware is forged with real gold-plated material with anti-soul treatment, which means it has no chance of corrosion.

Discover the Sophisticated & Exotic Design of a Fricaine Handbag #FricaineHandbags

The lining is custom-made and contrasts perfectly with the exterior and contains one card pocket, one cell phone pocket, one drop pocket and one separate multi-purpose pocket. The bag also comes with long adjustable and detachable strap, which makes it very comfortable to carry. The overall quality is immaculate and I believe they did an amazing job both designing and constructing the bag.

Discover the Sophisticated & Exotic Design of a Fricaine Handbag #FricaineHandbags

I just can’t emphasize enough how beautiful, unique yet sophisticated this bag is and it is officially my new favorite purse! If you are like me and love to stand out in the crowd and sport unique and trendy accessories, I highly suggest you check out the Fricaine website, where you will find similar designs that I just know you will love!

Discover the Sophisticated & Exotic Design of a Fricaine Handbag #FricaineHandbags


One thought on “Discover the Sophisticated & Exotic Design of a Fricaine Handbag

  1. I have just purchased my first Fricaine,
    I was in a store over gazing all the handbags that were on the wall, and towards the bottom 3 purses back was this one this exact purse . Wow I said I wanted to check it out but if I went over and took it off the wall I would loose my spot in the chk out line so while standing there what felt like 20mins I I went over grab the purse and went back to my spot in line. While lost,gazing at this handbag I was telling myself if you put it down someone will snatch it up. See the problem was is I did not bring my wallet in with me to the store so the cash that I had on me only covered the merchandise I was buying ,so I paid ran to the car grab my wallet and go running back into the store,so k confession,not not knowing who the designer was but did know from the look of the purse that it was well made and just gorgeous and exspencive plus the color design I just had to have . Well I am happy to say I bought it then picked my phone up and did research on the magnificent beauty and couldn’t believe what I found and then what I paid for it. I am such a happy cheering customer. 110% so happy and tickled about my finding . You Go Mr.Fricaine

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