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Designer Glasses On A Budget

A special thanks to Gaffos for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their product for free in exchange for an honest review!


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“ was founded on the principle that making you look great should be easy, affordable and fun. At we believe that browsing new styles of authentic eyewear should always be uncomplicated. At we aim to please, our priority is to ensure that ALL our customers have an unrivaled buying experience. From click to ship, we want you happy.”


Down here in sunny Georgia, I never step out the front door without a pair of glasses in hand. Whether we go for a walk, play in the yard or go for a drive, I always have my glasses on. For the longest time I have always just purchased cheap sunglasses at places like Target or Forever 21. With three kids that have bent and broken several pair of glasses, I never dared pay more than $20 for a pair. I walk past the designer glasses in department stores and long for the days when I can sport a pair without the worry of children getting a hold of them. Little did I know that these sunglasses were built sturdier, much better at withstanding the hands of little ones when compared to the cheap ones I have been previously purchasing. Now my husband has been telling me for awhile that I should get a pair of aviator sunglasses, so I was really excited for the opportunity to review the Nicole Miller Moore yellow metal aviator glasses. These sunglasses fit so comfortably and I am in love with the style and colors. For being a quality pair of designer glasses, I was quite surprised at how affordable they were. You are going to find glasses like this for almost double the cost at the mall. My four year old son has gotten a hold of these sunglasses a few times and wore them around the house before I knew it, I am happy to report they held up to his destructive hands! See… moms can have nice things too! So if you are looking to shop for designer glasses on a budget this year I highly suggest you check out Gaffos today!




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