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Design A Mothers Bracelet With Pearls By Laurel

A special thanks to Pearls By Laurel for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review!

design a mothers bracelet with pearls by laurel

 About Pearls By Laurel

“At Pearls by Laurel, we specialize in just one thing—Mothers Jewelry. It’s all we do. And we do it better than anyone else. Our goal is to create beautiful jewelry that celebrates the treasures in a woman’s life. Founded in 2008, we have grown to become the premier online retailer for birthstone jewelry. Our dedicated focus on customer service and quality has won us thousands of happy customers worldwide”

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There is nothing I am more proud of than being the mother to my three beautiful children. They are by far my greatest accomplishment and I have no problem letting people know just how amazing they are to me. I had just recently begun looking into gift ideas to tell my husband for Christmas. I entertained the idea of a necklace, but knew my baby would tug on it and eventually break it. What I really needed was something that could be worn without getting grabbed or damaged by one of my children. Eventually I decided a bracelet would be the perfect solution and something I could wear without any issues. Pearls By Laurel is the perfect place to design a mothers bracelet for yourself or another special mother in your life. Taking a look at the image above you can see that I included all three of my children’s birthstones, plus two white pearls to separate them. When you are designing your bracelet, you have full control of how you want it to look. You can choose the amount of pearls to add, drag them to the location that you want them and rearrange it however you like! The possibilities are endless and you have full control over how you want your bracelet to look/

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 My eyes lit up with excitement the moment I opened the box that my bracelet came in… I could not believe how gorgeous it was! This actually exceeded my expectations and was far more shiny and beautifully than I had anticipated. I love that it is made with a stretchy cord, as opposed to using clasp to put it on/take it off. I am always washing my hands or changing diapers, so having that ability to easily slide it on and off is a major plus! I can remove it without any problems when cooking, cleaning or doing crafts with the kids, then slip it back on with ease when I want to wear it. I am so happy with this bracelet, it’s beautiful, durable and reminds me of my children every time I look at it. This would make a wonderful gift for your mom or a special mother in your life and I highly recommended it!

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