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Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

A special thanks to ToiletTree for providing us with a free product for our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!

 Product Description

ToiletTree Products has taken their Original Fogless Shower Mirror and turned it into a “Deluxe Version”. This transformed mirror is now 20% larger then the Original Fogless Shower Mirror. The entire outside of the mirror is illuminated by LED lights. Look your best by taking care of your face in your shower. This patented mirror is guaranteed not to fog in the shower. No more suction cups falling off the wall! Our removable, soft silicone adhesive secures the mirror to all shower surfaces and will not damage tiles or shower walls! The mirror conveniently detaches from the bracket so you can easily fill the reservoir before each use. An included self-stored squeegee removes any excess water from the front of your mirror. An adjustable frame makes the mirror accommodating for multiple users and angles. The combination of heat and moisture open the pores and creates an ideal environment for shaving, exfoliating, tweezing and cleaning.

Features Include:

-LED Illumination with 2 light settings. (Batteries Included)

-20% larger then original mirror for easier viewing.

-Shatter proof high quality acrylic mirror that adheres to virtually any wall surface with removable silicone adhesive.

-Easily adjustable bracket accommodates multiple users and angles.

-Built in shelf to store your razor, sponge or tweezers.

-NEW & IMPROVED squeegee included to wipe away excess water drops.

My Review

My husband has been asking me for years about looking into a quality acrylic mirror that he can use in the shower. He has extremely sensitive skin and shaving always irritates it to the point that he is in pain the remainder of the day. We have tried really expensive razors and shaving cream, but the only solution that seemed to help was when he allowed the bathroom to get very steamy. This method usually takes him awhile because he is constantly having to wipe the fog off from the bathroom mirror. Shaving has now just become a long and strenuous task for him, but if not done that way, his skin pays the price. I was so excited for him to try out the Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror and see if it would allow him to have an easier shaving routine. The mirror was easy to assemble and sticks firmly onto the wall in the shower. There is a great little shelf area that is perfect for keeping his razors when not in use. There is also a place to slide the squidgy in place so it never gets misplaced. My husband was simply amazed after he used this mirror for the first time and I was shocked to find that he had only spent a short time having to shave. The mirror has a very bright light that helps him to get all the spots and the squidgy is great in removing the water drops that get onto the mirror. Being able to shave in the shower has just done wonders for his sensitive skin and I have noticed a reduction in redness when he is finished shaving. I am personally a big fan of this fogless mirror because plucking my eyebrows just got a whole lot less painful for me! I use this mirror anytime I am in the shower and need to pluck my eyebrows, the mirror lets me see up close so I don’t miss any hairs. This is overall a fantastic product that I can not say enough good things about!

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17 thoughts on “Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

  1. Oh, this is TOO cool! It lights up AND is fog-free? What more you could you ask for? My brother could use this big-time. Hmm…Christmas is coming, I may get it for him.

  2. I really like this deluxe version! I have very poor lighting in my bathroom so tweezing becomes hard. I love the lighting and the different ways you review how well it seems to work looking at the pic’s! Thank you for sharing this review on a great looking product!

  3. Thanks for the review! I’ve been looking for something like this for my fiancé and I think he would really like it!

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