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Delta Labs Postnatal Fat Burner

A special thanks to Delta Labs for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Delta Labs Postnatal Fat Burner #TeamDeltaLabs
Every nursing mother with tell you that they have an excellent increase in milk supply withing three days of having their new baby. Over time the milk supply will decrease and in many cases, dwindle significantly that new moms are left seeking ways to increase supply. I have met and talked to so many nursing moms that experienced a significant decrease in milk supple and spent endless hours trying stuff to increase it. You are also promised that nursing your baby will result in burning tons of calories and quickly getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight. I just had a baby three months ago and nurse her exclusively… I am having such a difficult time getting back to my original weight. What is most frustrating about it is that I with my first two children, I bounced back to my original weight so quickly! Even with an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits, I am just not shedding the pounds like I use to after having a baby. Clearly I needed some extra help and I was so delighted to have discovered a natural and safe product to help me!
Delta Labs Postnatal Fat Burner contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), the amino acid L-Carnitine and vitamin B6 are proven to promote weight loss, build energy and speed up metabolism -safely and naturally! This product is safe for nursing Mom”s and baby. Delta Labs postnatal is manufactured under strict cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines in a facility that carries the prestigious NSF Certification. I am so happy to have discovered a great product that will help me get back to my old self, without the worry of it harming my breastfed newborn. Plus it’s also helping my baby by increasing my milk supply!
Delta Labs Postnatal Fat Burner #TeamDeltaLabs
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3 thoughts on “Delta Labs Postnatal Fat Burner

  1. Hi Heather! 🙂
    I just found your article on the Delta Labs Postnatal supplement. I was just wondering how it worked for you? My second baby is almost 3 months old and I’m hashing issues with both losing the baby weight and keeping up my milk supply. Did this product actually help with these issues?

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