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Dave’s Gourmet Pasta Sauces Review

A special thanks to Dave’s Gourmet for providing me with free products for reviewing purposes!

About Dave’s Gourmet

“Dave’s Gourmet’s products are distributed throughout the U.S. and in several foreign countries. The excellent quality of their items has garnered the company a number of awards including a prestigious gold trophy and 6 silver trophies from NASFT (The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade).  Dave’s Hurtin’ Habanero Mustard won a gold award the last 3 years in a row at the World Wide Mustard Festival. Dave’s Gourmet has been featured in every major newspaper in the U.S. and on television shows and networks such as Good Morning America, the Today Show, Food Network, CNN, MTV and more.”

“Although Dave’s Gourmet began with hot products that has a humorous or upbeat packaging, the company has developed into a diversified specialty food company. Dave’s now produce items ranging from Organic Heirloom Pasta Sauces, Insane Drink Mixes, Insanity Popcorn and Olives in Pain to Ultimate Insanity Sauce. What makes Dave’s Gourmet special is the way they use fresh specialty ingredients, unique flavors and then add a slightly insane perspective to it.  In addition to producing items under its own labels, Dave’s Gourmet creates formulations and produces for a number of other companies. Recently, Dave has acquired two new companies – Chile Today Hot Tamale, and Palette Fine Foods.”

My Review

Our family loves pasta dishes I am always trying to find great new recipes and sauces to test out! I recently discovered a really great company called Dave’s Gourmet that not only offers some award winning pasta sauces, but a variety of other items as well! Our taste buds recently had the pleasure of enjoying several meals with Dave’s Gourmet Pasta Sauces and boy were they happy (our taste buds that is!) Taking a look at the picture down below, you can see a mouthwatering pasta dish that I made with the Organic Red Heirloom Pasta Sauce. I love how textured the pasta sauce is and that it’s not your typical runny and thin pasta sauce. This really does a lot to intensify a simple recipe and make it a delicious lunch or dinner.  I was in a bind the other night and needed to whip up a dinner really quick before meltdowns erupted from both my children. I grabbed a bag of stuffed shells and topped it with the Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce. They baked for about 45 minutes and during that time, my house was filled with a wonderful aroma. The shells came out absolutely scrumptious and the sauce was amazing! The children even enjoyed this same sauce with tortellini later that week and were equally happy with the results. After using these fantastic sauces, there is simply no way I can go back to store brand sauces (what this frugal mommy typically purchases.) So if you are a pasta love, such as myself, I highly recommend you grab a jar of Dave’s Gourmet Pasta Sauce and use it in your next meal, you will not be disappointed!

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