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Damhorst Toys Name Puzzle Stool Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

 A special thanks to Damhorst Toys for providing us with a free product for our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!

Damhorst Toys & Puzzles Inc Store

About Damhorst Toys

A message directly from their website:

My name is Kris Damhorst and our company is currently owned by myself and my sister Megin Cassimatis. Our parents, Don and Carol Damhorst, started making unique handmade wooden puzzles in 1971 for us as children. They observed how these puzzles taught us perception, problem solving and patience. It was great for them to see how these toys gave us a great sense of accomplishment.

It wasn’t long before friends started asking them to make the same toys for their children. A short while later, mom and dad started selling their toys and puzzles in St. Louis specialty shops.

In the early 70’s, Don and Carol began exhibiting at Art & Craft fairs throughout the country, meeting other craftspeople and more importantly their customers.

In February of 1998, they moved the business from our home to a larger shop in Hermann, Missouri, and in 2004 Megin and I took ownership of Damhorst Toys full time. Megin and I are so grateful to continue the tradition that was started by our mother and father in 1971. We are also incredibly lucky to have a crew that not only works hard, but is dedicated to keeping and maintaining our high standard of quality and craftmanship.

Unfortunately, our mother and father are no longer with us today, but their vision and creativity live on through the toys and gifts that we make each and every day.

Today we still sell our products direct. This is so we can keep in touch with you, our customer, in order to continue to improve our quality based on your feedback. We want to thank all of our wonderful customers we have gotten to know through the years for their support and loyalty.

Product Reviewed

Small Name Puzzle Stool in Primary Colors



The “Original Name Puzzle Stool” since 1971

  • Name Stools stands 9 inches off the ground
  • Step Stool top dimensions are 9 x 12 inches.
  • FREE GIFT WRAPPING & FREE SHIPPING in the continental U.S.  for all Name Stools
  • All Name Puzzle Stool finishes are water based and non-toxic

Engrave your personal message on the bottom of the stool

 My Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a beautiful Name Puzzle Stool from Damhorst Toys. This table is a unique,  one of a kind stool that was customized especially for my three year old son. I have to say that this product exceeded my expectations and is very well made. The letters are flawlessly made and are so easy for my son’s little hands to place within the stool. He has shown a great interest lately in wanting to learn how to spell his name and I know that this stool is really going to help him. Because this is such a high quality item, I know that it is going to really last for many years and maybe even be enjoyed by grandchildren some day.

“All Name Puzzle Stool finishes are water based and non-toxic”

With so many toys being recalled these days due to lead, I am so happy with the reassurance of knowing that this will never be an issue that arises with this product. There is also that inevitable tendency of children putting things in their mouth, so the fact that this stool is made from non-toxic materials is even more reassuring. Fun, safe, sturdy, and great quality… what more could you ask for in a product intended for children?

The stool comes easy to assemble and only requires that you screw on the four legs. I am very fond of how they designed this table so that the legs extend at an angle in order to make it more sturdy and less likely to tip over. Every stool comes with the option of having it engraved with your child’s birth information or a personal message on the bottom of it. The engraved message underneath it is something that makes this piece special to me and maybe when my son is older, it will hold meaning to him.

 Overall we are completely satisfied with this product and happy to have discovered a great place to purchase items for my children that I know will be safe and dependable!

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36 thoughts on “Damhorst Toys Name Puzzle Stool Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

  1. I love the fact that the letters and the stool are so well made. And I like that the letters will help my grandchild to learn how to spell his name.

  2. Don’t you love those products that are so well made that you know they are going to outlast childhood? This definitely sounds like one of those products. My daughter is 17 weeks pregnant and as soon as I know the sex and a name I am going to invest in one of these!

  3. This is so awesome of a gift to give to a child that they can carry with them throughout their life. I love the way it may be inscribed on the bottom of the stool.

  4. i love these stools. i actually was looking to get my daughter one for Christmas but it would be great to win one instead. i love that it can help them learn how to spell their name while being a helpful tool.

  5. This is the neatest idea I’ve seen for a stool. I love that you can add a message/verse for your child. How special! They look very sturdy and the puzzle is great for teaching them their name too!

  6. I love that they will within the play and use of a child. I love that you can get something inscribed on the bottom so the child will always have it with them as they get older, such a great keepsake. I love these. thank you for the great review and the info on the company, knowing it is family owned and operated is greatly appreciated.

  7. I love that the stools are painted with non-toxic paint, especially since precious little fingers will be playing with it!

  8. I really like that you can engrave something on the bottom of the stool. That’s a neat idea and makes it such a special gift for a child.

  9. wow what an innovative product i love all of them and he concept now to keep them from losing the puzzle pieces!! lol

  10. This looks so cute! We need a new stool. The last one we bought for our kids was made from cheap pressboard, and it broke after only a couple weeks. 🙁

  11. I love this!! I need to see about getting one for my daughter. I love the little message you can put on it underneath.

  12. I really like the name puzzle, and how it includes all three names instead of just the child’s first name. Definitely will be looking into buying some personalized items for my little one from Damhorst Toys, thanks for the review!

  13. I am in love with these stools! I really like that the name is a puzzle. This is a product that will last a very long time!

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