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Daily Picture and Great Sales At Gap

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This week was a very special week for my daughter and her first grade class! The students had the opportunity to earn a pajama day on Friday. The class could earn this special event by making sure they behave all week and keep their names in the green zone. My daughter would come home every day, anxious to announce that her class has once again, all stayed in the green. Sure enough, Thursday afternoon, I received an email from her teacher that they would be having pajama day on Friday. I was so very proud of my little girl, so I brought her out that evening to pick out a new pair of pajamas. Little did I know how difficult it would be to find pajamas appropriate for the current weather conditions in Maine. After store hopping in the mall and failing to find pajamas anywhere, we finally landed in Gap. To my surprise they had an entire section of pajamas on clearance! After examining all her choices, my daughter finally made her final selection. We found a pajama top for $4.99 and pajama bottoms for $6.97 and I was ecstatic to be spending a third of what all the other stores were charging for little night gowns. To make my night even more exciting, the sales person at the register informed me that all clearance items were an additional 25% off!! So in total, after taxes, I payed $9.42 for the pajama set! You have to head over to Gap today and see all the great selections they have in their clearance sections!

I also found an adorable iPod cover as I was about to leave the store. I quickly returned to the register and payed for it because who could pass up paying $1.55 for this cute little thing!

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