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Cute, Quality and Comfortable Kid’s Pajamas From Hatley

A special thanks to Hatley for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review!

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The months are getting colder and we are slowly bringing out the fall/winter clothes, but that has not stopped our family from enjoying the comfort of our back deck. We often spend time there after dinner enjoying a small fire in the fire pit while enjoying a snack and talking about our day. One of the stipulations is that the kids must get into their pajamas before coming out, that way they can spend more time outside with us, rather than having to rush inside later that evening to get pajamas on and get into bed. Having a warm set of pajamas on hand is defiantly a must for our family. I am much more fond of the two piece pajama sets, as they allow more room for growth, plus you can wear your shoes with them. The most important feature to me is that they must be comfortable, soft and cozy because my four year old son has some sensitivity issues and many times he prefers to sleep in just his underwear because of that. I would feel so much better and be able to sleep at night knowing he is warm, so now that it’s getting colder, sleeping in his underwear is not an option.

I recently discovered a wonderful website full of unique, fun, and comfortable kids clothes. I instantly fell in love with their style and designs, there were so many outfits that stood out to me and I loved! Upon looking through the boy pajama collection, I was drawn to the Fighter Jets “Just Plane Tired” Applique PJ Set and knew right away my son would adore it.

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  • Snug-fitting
  • Applique design
  • Contrast cuffs
  • Elastic waist on bottoms
  • Original Hatley prints

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 There is no doubt that this pajama set is incredibly adorable and something any young boy would love to wear to bed! The big question is though… what does little guy think of it? Judging from the images you can tell he is very happy with them and I can tell you that some days I have to bribe him to get dressed for the day when he wears them! I was quite surprised just how soft and cozy the pajama set was, it’s not that stiff fabric that you often find in kid’s pajamas. My son has a thick upper body, but a small waist and short legs. The elastic waist on the pants gives him the perfect fit and I’m not having to remind him constantly to pull his pants up.

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Overall we are extremely pleased with the Hatley pajama set and look forward to utilizing them all winter. They have held up quite well in the wash and are showing no signs of poor stitching, they will definitely last many more washes! These would make the perfect Christmas eve gift for the kids and I highly recommend them.

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24 thoughts on “Cute, Quality and Comfortable Kid’s Pajamas From Hatley

  1. I have 11 grandaughters & 4 grandsons. I know the girls would like the Lilac Flowers PJ Set – since that is one of their favorite colors, & flowers, one of their favorite things.
    I think the younger grandsons would like the Big Rig Trucks PJ Set since that is one of their favorite things to play with.

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