Creating The Ideal Teenage Retreat


Teenagers! They’re hard work, aren’t they? Whether you’re is loud and bossy or quiet and sulky, managing them effectively over these difficult years is challenging. With all of those hormones racing around their body, though, can you really blame them? Managing teenagers is hard…but you could definitely argue that being one is even harder.

It is totally normal to have concerns about your teenagers. They can struggle sometimes. So, take some of the weight away. Give them a treat, something that is long lasting. Their own teenage retreat is a great idea. It shows them that you care about them having their own space- something all teenagers love. It also shows that you trust them enough to give them their own independence away from the family. Plus, it gives them a piece of the home that belongs to them. They can decorate it and use the retreat however they want… well, within reasons!

First up, you’ll need to think about where their retreat will go. Don’t offer it up until you are sure you have the space. You could use a spare room in the house. Or, how about renovating the attic or basement, so they are set a little bit away from you. Even better, hire a Granny Flat Builder and create the space outdoors. This means they can sing songs and have friends over and play their music as loud as they want without disturbing you. This also means that they can socialize with friends and have sleepovers in an environment where you can keep an eye on them.

When it comes to helping them design the space, try and make it as multipurpose as possible. So, is there any way you can make half the space for relaxing, and half the space for doing homework? As well as relaxing, it might be nice for them to have a place to study that is away from the noise and commotion of other family members going about their day! Of course, you can only do this if your teenager is very studious, and doesn’t need you watching over them to get their work done.

For this reason, you’ll need different seating options. You can either find these in the house or invest in them! You’ll need one chair that supports their back and posture and encourages them to sit correctly at their desk

When you are considering decorating, they may want to go it alone. However, they may want your help. Fairy lights are a popular option and look great strung up along the walls and ceilings. You can even get net fairy lights if you want to make a feature on the ceiling. They are also a much safer light source than candles!

Once you’ve made the space for them, you will need to let them have a form of privacy in it. After all, that is what a retreat is all about! So, set your expectations early on, and establish the ground rules. So, for younger kids, you may wish to have a “no friends of the opposite sex with adult supervision”, for example. And of course, no drinking unless they’re of legal age!


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