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Create Your New Look With Mía Mariú

A special thanks to Mía Mariú for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their product for free in exchange for an honest review!


With 2015 just around the corner we are all rushing our pen to paper, listing off New Year’s resolutions. Much of what I like to do during the new year is purging the home of unwanted clutter and mess. I clean my way through all those messy piles of junk mail and cupboards cluttered by items we haven’t used all year. One drawer that always seems to get disorganized and filled with stuff that I have lost interest in is my makeup drawer. While recently observing my makeup area, I once again noticed that I had fallen into the same routine and used the same products daily. I decided it was time to freshen up my makeup stash with a fresh new look for 2015 with a few of my favorite products from a brand that I already know and love. If you are in the same boat as me and are looking to create your new look with Mía Mariú, then you are going to really enjoy this post!


The first step towards creating a new look is choosing the eye shadow, in my case I wanted a more natural and calm look. I have spend the past few months doing the smoked eyes looks and using multiple colors to achieve the look. The dual mineral shadow I chose came with light, subtle and clean tones that compliment each other very well. The purple shadow is quite pigmented if you add a few layers, but not too dark or overpowering.


I am so over the bronzer phase and decided a clean and simple blush would be perfect to change up my look. Upon first looking at this mineral blush it appeared it was going to be too dark, however I was able to get a very natural tone after just a few brush strokes. This is a beautiful coral color that would work any time of day, whether you are shopping for the day or enjoying the night life. 


No look is complete without my three favorite items that I just can no live without. While I could never eliminate mascara, eye liner and lip gloss from my look, introducing new products is a great alternative. I am just in love with the volumizing mascara, which applies easily and gives you superstar lashes in just two coats. The brush manages to grab even your smallest lashes, without leaving them clumpy. This mascara does wonders helping your eyes stand out, you could even skip the eyeshadow and get a fabulous look with the mascara on its own. The intense eye liner pencil gives you that extra detail to the eyes, finishing up your new look. I like to add mine to the under eye area and applying a thin line just above my eyelashes. You are finally ready to complete your look with a layer of lip gloss, I chose a light color to keep the natural look in check. My lips always feel so hydrated when using this gloss and it stays on for an impressive amount of time. I am so pleased with this collection of Mía Mariú products and am excited to ring in the new year with this new natural look.


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