Create Easy Family Time With These Simple Snowflake Sugar Cookies

Create Easy Family Time With These Simple Snowflake Sugar Cookies

I have a confessions to make… I am not huge on baking! You have to possess a bit a patience in the kitchen when it comes to bake, something I do not posses. Avoiding baking at all costs is my game… except when it comes to baking sugar cookies! Many years ago I attended a cookies decorating event at my church and discovered what a simple and fun activity it can be. Since then I have reserved all of my baking for the month of December. This year I decided to create some easy family time with these simple snowflake cookies. I have little hands in the kitchen, so finding a way to get them involved is mandatory. If you are seeking a fun way to decorate cookies with the kids in the kitchen, then this is what you will need:

Create Easy Family Time With These Simple Snowflake Sugar Cookies

Betty’s easy to bake mixes make even a Wednesday night special for our family! This was not something we planned and it was quite spontaneous for a middle of the week bake-athon! With Christmas music blaring and kids scattered throughout the kitchen, I was able to prepare everything we needed in a matter of minutes. Betty Crocker cookies and frostings are simple enough for my kiddos to handle but yummy enough for everyone o enjoy! For the sugar cookie mix you just add water and butter, mix it for a few minutes, place the dough on a baking sheet, then they are ready to pop in the oven.

Create Easy Family Time With These Simple Snowflake Sugar Cookies

I always use frosting when it comes to decorating sugar cookies, it’s really easy for the kids to spread on their cookies and the sprinkles stick on perfectly. From simple sugar cookie decorating to a gingerbread masterpiece, Betty Crocker makes it so incredibly easy for our family to celebrate our favorite people. As a team we are able to whip up a few dozen cookies, decorate them, and package them for those spectacular people in our lives. Giving back to those that mean the world to is this holiday season by surprising them with fresh-baked goodness made straight from the heart is far more special than any store bought gift.  


I hope this has encouraged you to get in the kitchen with your family and enjoy some easy family time! Spend some time with your kids and teaching them the importance of giving this holiday season. Whether it’s the mailman, your favorite teacher, a neighbor or best friend… gift them the gift of handmade sugar cookies!



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  1. I shared this blog post on my Facebook telling everyone that baking cookies and gifting them should be a part of every family’s holiday traditions. With the directions on this post there is no excuse. It takes all of 10 min to cook and if everyone decorates 2-3 it’s not much more then a half hour project. We all need to unplug this holiday season and spend a little more family time!

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