Could Your Child Be The Next Jimi Hendrix?

Think of all the greats of music from the ages. Almost every single one of them has begun to play their instrument from the very early stages of childhood. Did Jimi Hendrix suddenly wave his magical fingers over a guitar and miraculously know what notes to pick? You could have thought so by the way he turned out, but no, it was much simpler than that. Since he was a young boy, he had a thing for the guitar. As a child, he was mimic a broom as his instrument. When he was 15 years old, he found a ukulele next to the garbage outside the place he used to work part-time with his dad. He sat and listened to Elvis Presley songs and just by his ear, learned the notes and began to practice more and more; as they say, the rest was history. His father didn’t want to buy him a guitar even though he showed signs of great talent ever since he could comprehend music. Imagine how much more talented he could have been if he was given the right amount of encouragement? You never know what your child is capable unless you give them a chance too.

Why a ukulele?

So what is it about the ukulele that is so universal for early musicians to learn about? The obvious thing is that it’s small and children can easily hold it for a start. The next is that they can go from basic to complex in their design and string number. The basic form is a three-string set up that makes simple notes and therefore makes the instrument easier to pick for beginners. The more advanced you get, the more strings you can fit or buy a ukulele that has up to six strings. It’s a very versatile instrument in terms of price too, because as you would expect it’s a fraction of what a proper guitar will cost.


How can they learn?

Whenever the thought of a ukulele is brought up, it’s almost impossible to not think of Hawaii and hip-swaying dancing girls playing their soothing songs. It’s a stereotypical image sure, but the songs they play are actually quite easy to learn. Usually, they have up to around three cords that cycle and or are played in a pattern. On the other hand, many pop songs have been made easy to learn with easy tutorials found on They have a lengthy guide to songs that are strictly 4-chords so not quite a beginner but not quite advanced either. Don’t worry it’s not all notes in rows and rows of lines; there are video tutorials of people showing you how to play the songs. This way children can mark their progress little by little and eventually move on to a guitar. You can also play the songs link for more resources. 

The electrifying music of the legendary Jimi Hendrix started off humble and fun ukulele songs. Yet he conquered the world with his unique sound. You wouldn’t think he began learning to play Rock n’ Roll on the ukulele, but that’s exactly how your child could begin their talented career in music.

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