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Comfort & Style With Hotmilk Luminous Nursing Bra

A special thanks to Hotmilk for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Comfort & Style With Hotmilk Luminous Nursing Bra

About Hotmilk

“Designed by women, for women, Hotmilk has revolutionalised the lingerie market with its provocative and fashion forward styling. Embraced by Hollywood celebrities, international fashion magazines and worn by the chic fashionista to the girl next door, Hotmilk lingerie is exquisitely styled and technologically advanced.”

About the Luminous Nursing Bra

“Our longest running style of all time!  This beautiful champagne full cup bra is made from luxurious microfire and a beautifully detailed lace. The diamante centrepiece adds a feminine touch to a perfect basic bra.”

My Review

I am currently exclusively nursing my third child and let me tell you, I really wish I had known about hotmilk bras when I had my first two children! I look back at all of the uncomfortable, awkward and down right hideous nursing bras I used in the past and can’t believe I actually settled for them. Just because my breast are being used to provide nutrition and milk for my newborn does not mean they have to look frumpy all of the time. I still want to look attractive and beautiful for my husband, but still need to be able to have a bra that allows me to easily feed my newborn at a moments notice (especially since she is only 11 weeks old.) The Luminous Nursing Bra is everything that I could want or need when it comes to a nursing bra and I could not be more pleased with it! The first feature I would like to point out is that gorgeous little bow and charm in the middle of the bra… how amazing right? That defiantly adds a little something special to make this more than just a simple nursing braComfort & Style With Hotmilk Luminous Nursing Bra

Any nursing mother will tell you that your breasts increase in size significantly after having your baby and stay large for several months. Your cup size will begin to go down over months as your baby nurses less, which makes the six hook extension ideal for your fluctuating cip size. I have never owned a nursing bra with that many hook extensions, the most has been three, so that is quite possibly my favorite feature!

Comfort & Style With Hotmilk Luminous Nursing Bra

The bra is very easy to unclasp in the front when you need to feed your baby, it can even be opened with one hand. It also clicks back into place very easily, making it an overall simple and effective bra.

Comfort & Style With Hotmilk Luminous Nursing Bra

Once again this bra includes additional features that allow you to comfortably where it despite your change in cup size. Non-wired soft cup, 100% cotton lined cups for skin breathability, and stretch on the top cup to allow for growth all make this simply the perfect nursing bra! I am so impressed with this bra and it has instantly become my favorite… I wear it almost every day! I just love that I can have a bra that makes me feel beautiful while still allowing me to successfully and easily nurse my newborn!Comfort & Style With Hotmilk Luminous Nursing Bra

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17 thoughts on “Comfort & Style With Hotmilk Luminous Nursing Bra

  1. How did I not know about these!? I am going to have to see if one of these is in my budget. Love how cute they are. My current nursing bras are so blah. ๐Ÿ™

  2. What a gorgeous nursing bra. I am definitely buying this for my daughter who is expecting her first child. Thank you!

  3. May have to keep this in mind for my expecting daughter. She is very petite so hoping the extra hooks will close enough to fit her. Very nice bra for nursing moms!

  4. I love when I find comfort and style working together! I really like that the cups are designed with material that will stretch. Fantastic idea.

  5. I love that this nursing bra is so lacey and beautiful! All of the ones that I own are extremely boring and obviously a nursing bra.

  6. Thank you for this review! I am currently nursing my second and finding a good nursing bra is a lot harder than it sounds. I will have to check these out!

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