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Chuck-Chucks Jewelry Review & 50% Off Coupon Code

A special thanks to Chuck-Chucks for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Chuck-Chucks Jewelry Review & 50% Off Coupon Code

Chuck-chucks jewelry with interchangeable jewelry charms

“Celebrating the individuality and creativeness inherent in each us.” 

           ” Chuck-Chucks is a made up word put together from two distinctly different definitions of the word chuck, a play on words shall we say in the spirit and fun Chuck-Chucks are intended to be. Chuck-Chucks therefor means cool and awesome expression(s)! The question now becomes How many chucks can you Chuck-Chucks as they encompasses all of your expressions with easily interchangeable Chucks.”

“Each Chuck being an individual fashion accessory statement thereof.”

 My Review

I was so ecstatic when Chuck-Chucks contacted me to review their very stylish and unique interchangeable jewelry. This was unlike anything I have seen before and I could not wait to sport this latest style of jewelry. There are currently twelve different colored leather bracelets available, I decided on the white one since I thought it would match my wardrobe the best. I must have spent over an hour searching through all of their attachments in order to narrow it down to my six favorite ones. Of course I ended up choosing attachments that contained my three favorite colors, which are pink, purple and baby blue. I immediately fell in love with the metal alloy flower attachment and was so impressed with it when my Chuch-Chucks arrived. The leather band fit perfectly on my wrist, allowing me enough room to wear comfortably. The bracelet closes with two snap buttons, which makes this the perfect jewelry for mom as I don’t have to worry about my children accidentally pulling it off and breaking it. The attachments only require that you snap them into place, another fantastic feature! This makes it simple and fun to rearrange and switch out attachments and make your bracelet unique. I was having so much fun finding new ways to arrange them and they looked perfect no matter what order they were in. Overall I am really impressed with the Chuck-Chucks jewelery, I have been wearing my bracelet all day and can’t stop starring at it. I am looking forward to all of the ways I can make this amazing bracelet match different outfits, I just know it’s going to be a popular piece when I go out! 

Chuck-Chucks Jewelry Review & 50% Off Coupon Code


Chuck-Chucks Jewelry Review & 50% Off Coupon Code

Chuck-Chucks was kind enough to offer my wonderful fans a coupon code for 50% off their order!!! That is an amazing deal for an already inexpensive piece of jewelry! Make sure to use coupon code heatherwone1 at checkout!

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