Choosing Custom Labels For Your Business

Starting your won business can be very intimidating and there are a lot of steps involved. If you have made it to the point where you are needing to decide on custom labels, I have made this process a bit easier for you! Have you ever wondered where those stunning labels on your favorite products come from? Well let me show you!

Wizard Labels is a company that has come up with a revolutionary method for ordering custom labels online and they provide digital printing. There are many benefits to choosing digital printing over traditional printing. The normal production time for digital printing is two working days from the time they receive your approval to proceed (as apposed to a few weeks if you choosing traditional printing).

The quality is also noticeably better! There are constant improvements in the digital process and this has resulted in photo-like quality. With digital you have unlimited colors, but with traditional presses they mostly rely on a single-plate-per-color model, which adds extra cost for each additional color. The absence of plates makes changes to the design a very simple and inexpensive option, which then makes it more affordable for you.

Choosing which custom label you want to go with can be a hard choice online, but thankfully Wizard Labels provides samples so that you can see what your options are in person before ordering.

The free label samples demonstrate how different combinations of material and finish look in real life while showing off the superb color and photo-quality of our digital label printing presses. I love how they gave a good variety of options so you can truly see all of your choices.

Each label is professional quality. There are several different textures and colors for you to view and decide which would be the best for your product’s label.

Something else I thought was important to share is that they have high-tech laser machines that can cut almost any shape on almost any material (with a couple of minor exceptions). Once again… save the customer time and money!

I encourage you to not only check out their website, but also their social media! They are printing absolutely stunning and high quality labels for many companies. Their customers are very happy with their work and it is not hard to see why!

If you are ready to order custom product labels and make your business stand out from the rest, reach out to Wizard Labels today, you will not be disappointed!

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