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Children Learning Reading Program Review

A special thanks to Children Learning Reading for providing me with a free product to review on my blog!

Children Learning Reading is a super simple and effective, step-by-step program that helps parents teach their children how to read, with video proof shown on our website. Our reading program works amazingly well to teach children of all ages to read well. It’s simple enough to even teach 2 and 3 year old children to read. Please see the videos we posted on our site.”

“Children Learning Reading “

An Ultra Simple, Super Effective System to Teach Your Child to Read

Children Learning Reading Stage 1  Children Learning Reading Stage 2

Here is an explanation of the program if you were to purchase it, this came directly from the website:

The Children Learning Reading  program comes in two jam-packed e-books presenting a simple, logical, step-by-step, and extremely effective system for teaching your child to read quickly, effectively, and fluently without watching television or sitting in front of the computer.

The program is instantly downloadable, and contain a total of 50 step-by-step, super simple, yet amazingly effective lessons that will show you how to easily teach your child to read spending just 10 to 15 minutes each day. Whether your child is 2 years old, 3 years old, 4 years old, in pre-school, kindergarten, or in early grade school, our system of learning to read will help your child become a fast and fluent reader.

The Stage 1 and Stage 2 e-books contain all the step-by-step lessons you need to help your child develop superb phonemic awareness and literacy skills, and at the same time, build a rock solid foundation in decoding and reading. You will be amazed at your child’s reading ability after completing just stage 1 of our program!

My Thoughts

Dozens of books that supposedly will help my children learn to read lie on our bookshelves and they can sometimes become overwhelming.  Deciding which is the best approach to encourage your little ones to work on their literacy skills is difficult when their personalities vary so much. This was a great program to have, especially since it was in PDF form and the iPad has become a popular “toy” around the house. Working through the book with my children has not only been effective, but a wonderful way for us to bond. This program requires a lot of parental involvement and I have truly enjoyed being able to slow down once in awhile and teaching them an important skill. We plan to continue using this program for the remainder of the summer so that my daughter may be prepared when she returns to school. It will also be an essential homeschooling tool for my toddler in the fall. I encourage you to visit the Children Learning Reading website today and see what it’s all about! Does your child need help with tutoring? Contact Find a Tutor Near Me for more info on finding a local tutor.

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