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ChicoBag: Compact Reusable Bags, Packs, & Totes Review

A special thanks to ChicoBag for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review!

What is ChicoBag and What Do They Do?

“ChicoBag Company is equipping humanity with tools that will help eliminate the unnecessary use of single-use paper and plastic bags. We have done this by designing reusable totes, packs and lifestyle totes that are durable, tasteful and most importantly unforgettable. We believe addressing even the largest of problems starts with small solutions.”

Just A Few of the Amazing Bags They Have to Offer:

 Shopping Bags


On The Go


Fashion Bags


Our ChicoBag Review

Keeping my children educated and informed on the importance of using reusable bags is something that I always strive to do. We use them in many aspects of our life so that it’s no longer a reminder to my children, but something we have grown accustomed to doing. We have designated reusable bags that we fill all of our returnable bottles with. Not only are we saving money on plastic trash bags, but we are also helping out the planet. My local grocery store allows children in the community to submit pictures to them and they use them as the designs for the store’s reusable bags. These bags sell like hot cakes and I am always grabbing a handful (or two) when the new design is available. It’s safe to say that we have quite the collection of reusable grocery bags to hold all of our groceries! Running errands, going to the beach, heading to a play date… you will always see a reusable bag at my side. My trunk has spares, my laundry closet displays them proudly and my coat closet is slowly becoming a reusable bag closet. I take pride in the fact that our family has embraced this change so well and that they enjoy discovering new reuable bags as much as I do.

I was delighted when I first discovered ChicoBag and immediately impressed with their style and convenience. Anyone that is a reusable bag hoarder, such as myself, knows that storing them can sometimes get tricky. I just loved how the ChicoBags were made so that they can be easily zipped back into a small pouch… a pouch that is actually connected to the bag! Amazing right?

Let’s take a moment to discuss the Duffel rePETe that we had the pleasure of reviewing. I was shocked once I opened it and realized how roomy and spacious it actual was. The material was so thin and my first concern was that if I actually filled it to its capacity, would it be able to handle all that weight? I was able to really put this bag to test the following day when the worst thing that could of happen… happened. My husband was due for an early morning flight and we were getting hit with a huge snowstorm. We managed to get all his things packed into one carry-on bag (as this was just a short business trip) and our main focus went back to preparing for this storm. The next morning went as smoothly as it possibly could have, considering we were in the mist of a snowstorm. We were minutes from leaving the house, my husband placed his final items in the carry-on bag and the zipper broke off from the bag! There was no other bag in the house that could have passed as a carry-on and the roads were far too dangerous to make a trip to the store and get to the airport on time. Then I remembered… the ChicoBag Duffel bag! My husband immediately looked at me and said “There is no way all of my things are going to fit into that bag!” I reassured him that this was a pretty spacious bag and he would be surprised. So he proceeded to hand me all the clothes, some three ring binders for work, a ton of other little items and his laptop. My husband continued to doubt the duffel bag’s capability to handle all that stuff until the bag zipped shut without putting any effort into it. Don’t you just love when you’re right!? His face really said it all and it was such a a relief to have had a simple solution to what could have been a bad situation. I am also happy to report that my husband found that this bag worked out excellent for the trip and he was glad I persuaded him into it! He had no problems with the bag being able to hold all that weight and it sat on his shoulder comfortably. So if that doesn’t tell you how durable and well built these bags are, I don’t know what would!

 As for the Hobo rePETe… well I could come up with a million uses for this great bag! Being a girly girl at heart, I found myself very fond of the simple little bow on the strap of the bag. I love how lightweight and roomy this bag is and that it can easily be stored in the little pouch. This bag is also expandable, there are adjustable bands on the side that allow you to size it according to how much shopping you would like to do that day!

 Overall, this frugal family found ourselves to be extremely impressed with the ChicoBags and highly recommend them! 

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