Care To Wear A Wrist Watch In 2019? Is It Even Essential Anymore?

Ever wondered how a tiny accessory called a wrist watch be so significant and important in our lives? Despite the technology taking over every single aspect of human existence, a wrist watch has always been, continues to be and will always be an integral part of mankind’s dressing up routine and rituals. Wrist watches have been a style staple, a wardrobe essential and an attractive piece of accessory which raises a question: what are the top 5 reasons of wearing a wrist watch? Let’s not further test your patience and move ahead.


If we would ever get a chance to rename a wrist watch, we would name it convenience without thinking twice. A wrist watch is always there with you, as long as your hands are along. Moreover, it is highly ill mannered and socially unacceptable to take out your phone every now and then to have a glance at it. Even if you are just checking the time, it might be taken a sign of being bored in someone’s company.

Whereas, the longevity of a wrist watch is designed to last for ages or may be forever. Get charged either by the very movements of your hands or uses a very tiny battery to run effectively. Unlike phone devices which need to be charged every few hours.


Wearing a classy wrist watch you tend to bag tons and millions of compliments. That in return boosts your moral and self confidence. A wrist watch certainly ups your fashion statement to no bounds. A nice adequate and tasteful watch bears the powers of either making or breaking a personality. No matter what are you dressed up in, a suitable watch gives you a very professional and sophisticated look. There may be several world renowned watch manufacturing companies which include the most famous Rolex, Quarts, Citizen and luminor panerai.


Whether you are an employee of a multinational or own a business yourself it is all about prioritizing things and managing them on the required time. A wrist watch tells you the time on the go and allows you to arrive on time, which is absolutely rare these days.


This is an old age saying which still stands true. Using a wrist watch keeps you from checking your messages and emails which you stumbled into them just after glancing at your phone for time check. Being on your wrist you can easily check the time while driving, in the kitchen, at work with hands on the keyboard. It just takes a glance to check the timepiece on your wrist.


As the technology advances, nothing in the world remains from tasting the advancements of technology. Similarly, watches also have been upgraded to the mind boggling limits of advancements. On one hand where a watch had always been used for time telling where on the other hand a wrist watch may tell the number of steps you took, the amount of calories burned, the current temperature, the height of high tides to the fishermen.

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