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Can’t-Wait Willow! Book Review

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cant wait willow

About Shine Bright Kids:

The Shine Bright Kids series provides children and their families with a relevant framework to help instill solid values and teach the importance of making good choices. The principles that will be explored include: using good judgment, taking responsibility, having a positive attitude, and demonstrating perseverance.

About the Author:  (Recognize the last name Ziglar?!?)

Christy Ziglar, financial planner, mother of twins and niece of legendary motivator and the world’s original optimist, Zig Ziglar, is bringing the same timeless wisdom and ageless advice to an entirely new, younger audience through her new Shine Bright Kids picture book series.

Christy is available for Q&A, author interviews, Skype calls, etc.!

The first book in the series:  Can’t-Wait Willow!:

Willow is so excited that the Over-the-Top Circus has finally come to town! The only problem is, that when left to her own devices, she can’t say “no” to some good things. On the way to the show, she is distracted by enticing treats and fun that she just can’t turn down. Willow arrives late and is sad to find that, not only has she has run out of time, but money, and she won’t be able to enjoy the pink cotton candy she’s been dreaming of. Willow is given valuable advice and a second chance and is ultimately taught the lesson that sometimes in life you have to say “no” to good things to end up with something great!

About the Illustrator: 

Thanks to her first grade teacher, who recognized her superior skills in drawing a robin, Luanne Marten has been drawing, painting and sketching ever since.  She is a great experimenter and has a fresh, whimsical approach to bring her characters to life.

Visit the author’swebsitefor some great resources to help support the book, including a printable poster with ‘Ways to Shine Bright,’ as well as reward chart you can use at home with your children.

You can also visit the he publisher’s website, as well as their Facebook!



My Review


Cant-Wait Willow is one of the nicest children’s books I have read in a really long time! This book is more than just another story, it offers so much more than that. Not only does it help your child to learn a valuable lesson, it has numerous resources throughout the book to better help guide your child through the story. Your child has the added benefit of following a little star, throughout the book, that will help your child to see when Willow makes good and bad decisions. This book was perfect for my daughter and I saw so many similarities between her and the main character. My daughter just recently received some money from the tooth fairy and just like Willow, had the ambition to spend it right away on the first appealing thing she saw (well in all honesty, she had plans to spend that money the second her tooth popped out, haha!). I explained that her birthday was just around the corner and she would more than likely get some money from family. I urged her to slow down, save her money, and take her time in finding something special she would like to buy. This isn’t her first time loosing a tooth and, in the past, has spent her money right away. This time around, I was determined to show her that there are going to be so many little things along the way that she will want to have, but there is something great if you wait. Reading her this story really showed that if she did her best not to become distracted by all those little things and saves up her money, she will be able to get something bigger and better. The lesson from this book can be interpreted in so many ways and I highly recommend it to all the parents out there that want to add a valuable book to their collection!!!

cant waitcant wait willowww


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7 thoughts on “Can’t-Wait Willow! Book Review

  1. Sounds like this will be a fun series! My son is in love with the whole circus theme right now. I know he’d enjoy this. Thanks for the review!

  2. My 7 year old is the same way. She gets money and she wants to spend it right away. And she usually spends it on things that I know she won’t play with or use often, but I try not to sway her too much because she needs to learn.

  3. I love this review, it reminds me of my Granddaughter the first time she went to the circus, she was so excited the night before, we like to never got her to sleep, Neat

  4. The illustration in the book are outstanding. The use of color and full-page make it totally captivating! I love the story line!

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