Camping Essential Checklist

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You may be surprised to discover just how unprepared some people are when they go camping, to the extent that some have even been known to forget one of the most essential requisites of all, their tent. To avoid this costly mistake, check out this free camping checklist  suited for people planning to camp with or without children.

Heading into the hills to find a suitable camping spot is probably going to be less of a challenge if you are driving something that is up to off-roading, like the Jeep Renegade. It also helps to ensure that you have everything ticked off your list, before you set off on your adventure. 

Getting the basics right

There are undoubtedly a number of modern gadgets that you might have acquired in order to make your camping trip less arduous and more comfortable even, but make sure you don’t forget to include a number of basic camping essentials on your checklist. When you are out in the open and contending with the elements and difficult terrain, it is important that you come prepared for any potential minor medical issues. A first aid kit will allow you to deal with any minor cuts, bumps, scratches or burns, all of which are an integral aspect of many camping trips. Getting a camp enthusiasts knives for gifts is also something to consider. 

Don’t forget to include the humble pack of matches in your kit. Even the most accomplished campers find it easier to have the backup of matches to get a fire going when you need it. Once place that I have found to be incredibly helpful when it comes to finding the camping supplies that I need is REI. They practically have everything you need for just about any outdoor adventure you have in mind, but their camping supplies are noticeably impressive. While shopping for your supplies for the first time can cost a pretty penny, there are some simple ways to save. I always mak sure to head over to slickdeals and check for REI’s Promo Codes. I always end up finding a way to save more money this way!

Extra shelter and protection

Assuming you manage to avoid being one of the few that actually forget to pack a tent when they go camping, it also makes sense to add tarps to your list of essentials.

Tarps are extremely useful in providing a bit of extra ground cover and can also provide a bit of welcome extra shelter in difficult and cold camping conditions.

When you consider that they are going to be a fairly unobtrusive item in your kit when folded, most seasoned campers wouldn’t leave home without their tarps.

Camping Essential Checklist

Don’t just rely on your GPS

Many of us have a smartphone with GPS features, which is all very well when you have a signal, but not much help if you are in the wilderness and can’t get a fix on your location.

A good old-fashioned map and compass still has its place in the essential camping kit shortlist, as it provides you with a reliable backup when your GPS signal fails, as well as given you much more of a feeling that you are using your own orienteering skills rather than just relying on technology.

A pocket knife is always needed

You really can’t go wrong with a Swiss Army Knife, as it is a no-brainer to add to your list when you consider all of the features you get with it and how little space it takes up in your kit bag.

You will soon be regretting not packing your pocket knife when you need to cut something or uncork a bottle of something, so make sure it makes your list.

If you are planning a camping trip soon, don’t forget the essentials if you want the trip to be a success and as safe as possible.

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