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California Delicious Gift Basket Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

A special thanks to California Delicious for providing us with a free product for our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!

        California Delicious


About California Delicious

California Wine Gift Basket“All our gift baskets are made in California and are ready for delivery to every state. We have unique food, wine and spa gifts for all the Holidays. We design festive gifts for Christmas and Hanukkah, loving and thoughtful gifts for Valentines, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and special treats for Halloween and Thanksgiving. We offer gifts for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, new job promotions as well as get well wishes, sympathy and condolence baskets. We have gorgeous and delicious gift baskets for any event or occasion!”


Basket Reviewed: Starbucks Coffee Mornings Gift Box

This Starbucks Coffee Gift will be a hit for the coffee lover on the go. This Coffee Gift features a hot/cold travel mug is sure to become a daily favorite! Complete with four varieties of Starbucks Coffee, Starbucks instant VIA coffee and a spiced chocolate and cherry walnut biscotti, your favorite coffee lover will have everything they need for their day!


Starbucks Pike’s Place Blend Coffee
Starbucks Sumatra Blend Coffee
Starbucks Blonde RoastCoffee
Starbucks Café Estima coffee
Starbucks Hot/Cold Travel Mug
VIA Ready brew Coffee
Spiced Biscotti
Cherry Walnut Biscotti


 My Review

There are so many ways to show a friend, family or coworker you care, but there is nothing quite like gifting them a gift basket! California Delicious offers a large variety of high quality gift baskets that are simply beautiful. I must have spent an hour just going through them all, trying to decide on a single one. Being the coffee lover I am, I was delighted to find that they have an entire collection of gift baskets dedicated to the coffee fans. I found myself instantly in love with the Starbucks Coffee Mornings Gift Box and knew that I would love it. Gift boxes with products that I can use every day are my favorite and I knew that I would use the Starbucks traveling coffee mug all of the time. The basket arrived in a box filled with protective bubble wrap, so everything in the basket received no damage in its travels. The basket itself was gorgeous and full of coffee products that I could not wait to try. The instant coffee mix was a product I have never tried and I am so grateful to have discovered it. I was very satisfied with the quality and care that went behind the preparation of my gift basket and highly recommend them to all my fans. California Delicious gift baskets are the perfect gift for those people in your life that either have everything or you simply just don’t know what to get them.

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42 thoughts on “California Delicious Gift Basket Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

  1. I have made up my own gift baskets for friends and relatives, but nothing to rival California Delicious’ baskets. They are beautiful and the coffee basket is loaded with Starbucks coffee! Every coffee lover’s dream come true. Thank you for your review. It made me want to run to the kitchen for a mug of Starbucks.

  2. I LOVE these baskets! They are so beautifully put together and make great gifts. The one you reviewed seems to include quite a few items in it.

  3. I think you get a lot of items in a gift basket for the price. I like the tons of items that you get with this Starbuck’s gift basket. This would be an awesome present to give for the Holidays. I also saw that they have Chocolate gift baskets that are so nice. California Gift Basket really has great products!

  4. Oh my gosh they have so many nice baskets and the prices are fantastic! I know my Mom and I both would love that great coffee basket!

  5. the basket you chose would be so perfect for my dad and step mother. they love coffee! me, i love anything with yummy snacks and food in it. i love to try new foods and different companies.

  6. Love the Starbucks Coffee Gift Set!! My family really enjoys their cooffees and this would be such a treat 🙂

  7. they all look delicious and the prices are very reasonable compared to some of the other places i know of. i already have my eye i several for my nieces and sisters birthdays that are coming up.

    tammy ramey

  8. I’ve never had the pleasure of receiving a California Gift Basket before but I’m willing to bet they would make awesome Christmas presents. I can’t believe how much is in each basket!

  9. I’m thinking the coffee basket would be the perfect Christmas gift for my mother. Lucky me…because I’ll be sharing the holidays over there. She’ll have to share!

  10. all of the baskets look great! i would like one of the meat and cheese gifts but i would like to get the starbucks that you reviewed for my sister – she is a real coffee lover!

  11. Thank you for the thorough review. The baskets sound awesome and I especially like that they are packaged protectively for delivery.

  12. Gift Baskets are wonderful “themed” gifts! I’m not a starbucks fan, but I’m definitely a chocolate lover! Always wanted someone to get me a gift basket of chocolate! LOL

  13. I love giving well-made gift baskets for the holidays. These look fabulous; I can think of lots of people on my list who would like one. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I love the selection of gift baskets. I see several that would make great gifts for friends and family (and several I’D love to receive as gifts).

  15. California Gift Baskets are really nice and make wonderful gifts to give year round not just at the holidays. I love the coffee baskets too.

  16. I love these gifts because they are beautifully made, and offer something for every taste. In our fast paced lives we often don’t know what to get certain people, especially the ones that seem to have everything so this is a wonderful solution. I find a gift basket of favorites are something most people won’t purchase for themselves yet are the most fun to get. I would highly recommend these baskets as the perfect gift for any occasion.

  17. I honestly love these baskets. Starbucks coffee is a great addition to these baskets. Every basket seems to be a terrific combination of products.

  18. I love that these delicious items are presented in such lovely baskets, boards, boxes, etc. Even after the food, drink, and sweets have been consumed, the gift keeps giving with a lovely and useful keepsake.

  19. Gift baskets make wonderful gifts, there’s something for everyone! I always appreciate receiving gift baskets myself!

  20. I was the same way when I went to their website, so many to choose from! Sounds like good quality baskets. Great review!

  21. I LOVE these baskets! I especially like that this one included a Starbucks travel mug so you can drink your coffee anywhere. I also love that they included all kinds of different blends to try out. This is a wonderful basket!

  22. What a wide array of baskets for different occasions. This Starbucks basket is a great way to have Starbucks at home and welcome others to your home as well.

  23. Christmas time is my favorite season to give baskets of fruit, chocolate, cheese, nuts, and wine. I agree that “California Delicious” is one place to shop. They pack and ship their products so no damage is created. The “Starbuck Coffee Morning Gift Box” that was mention would be great for my husband who is the coffee drinker. I would pick the chocolate baskets, they are so yummy in my tummy! Hearing the enjoyment of your gift basket made me so jealous. So look out “California Delicious” , you are definitely on my shopping list!!

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