Buying Jewelry As A Gift: 5 Tips For Choosing Jewelry They’ll Love

Jewelry is a popular gift for loved ones. Items of jewelry can often be expensive, so it’s important that you put a lot of thought into these gifts so that your money isn’t wasted on an item they’ll never wear. Below are just 5 tips for choosing jewelry as a gift. 

Know their style

Firstly, try to get an idea as to what their style is. Pay attention to the type of jewelry they wear on a regular basis to get an idea as to what items they love. Avoid buying jewelry that you want them to wear that clearly isn’t their style. If someone rarely ever wears jewelry, consider whether jewelry really is the right gift.

Watch them window shop

A great way to identify the perfect item of jewelry for a loved one is to go window shopping with them. Organize a shopping trip and plan to stop by a jewelry store on the way. While browsing the window, you may find that they offer a few hints as to the types of jewelry they love. Make a note of these hints!

Personalize it

Looking for a way to make an item of jewelry more meaningful? Worried that you may buy an item of jewelry that they already own? In either case, personalized jewelry can be a great solution. You could consider a personalised silver & gold necklace with a charm in the shape of their name or birth date, or you could consider an engraved necklace. These gifts are certain to be unique and will show the recipient that you’ve put thought into your gift. DIY jewelry could be another option.

Get the size right

Finding the right size of jewelry could be important. Resizing jewelry can be a hassle and it can be expensive. By already knowing what size to choose, you can avoid this scenario. This is particularly important when buying rings which may be difficult to resize in some cases. If you can’t get them to measure their finger beforehand with a ring sizer, there are other tricks that you can rely on for getting the right ring size. When it comes to bracelets, try to consider the size of their wrist. Necklaces and earrings typically don’t have to be a certain size, although you may find certain lengths are more suited to their personal style.

Consider metal allergies

When buying metal jewelry for a loved one, don’t forget to overlook metal allergies. Many people have these and they can prevent them from wearing certain types of metal jewelry. If you think that they may have a metal allergy, it could be worth considering hypoallergenic metals. These are metals like tungsten and titanium that few people are allergic to, making them a safe option. Non-metal jewelry could be another safe option, although you should similarly be wary of leather allergies when buying leather jewelry. 

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