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Build-A-Bear Workshop® Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

A special thanks to Build-A-Bear for providing us with a free product for our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!


“Give the Build-A-Bear Workshop® gift of friendship this holiday season. There is something for everyone on your gift list- including holiday favorites, new MY LITTLE PONY friends, winter themed stuffed animals, personalized picks, gifts that give back, stocking stuffers and more. Of course, you can always give the Build-A-Bear Workshop® experience with a Bear Buck$® gift card to make memories that last a lifetime.”

The 2013 Build-A-Bear Holiday Collection

Nose So Bright Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer®15 in. Clarice®Merry & Bright Clarice®Ho, Ho, Ho Wishes SantaJolly Frosty the Snowman16 in. Frosty the SnowmanSnuggly Merry Mouse15 in. Merry Mouse16 in. Pengy the PenguinChilly Cheeks Pinky the PenguinSuper Chill Pengy the PenguinTwirls of Fun Snowy Sparkles BunnyGlistening Winter White Polar Bear


My Review

Build-A-Bear Workshop has always been one of my daughter’s most favorite places to visit, she never leaves disappointed. They provide such great selection of quality items and every Build-A-Bear stuffed animal we own has held up great over the years. We recently had the opportunity to review the adorable Clarice from the new 2013 Holiday Collection. This instantly brought back memories of watching this Christmas classic Rudolph as a child and it was so sentimental to see my own daughter playing with this famous character. I was extremely impressed with the high quality attire and it made this Build-A-Bear simply beautiful. Since receiving Clarice, my daughter has brought her on many adventures and talks to everyone that will listen about her. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see that something as simple as a stuffed animal can bring so much happiness, imagination and creativity to my daughter’s life. WE were extremely satisfied with our Build-A-Bear product and I highly recommend them to my fans, we know your child will enjoy this Holiday Collection just as much as we did!

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74 thoughts on “Build-A-Bear Workshop® Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

  1. I love the holiday collections they offer. But, my daughter is a huge my little pony fan. We would have to get her a Twilight Sparkle pony. Sounds like something Santa might bring her for Christmas. I also like that they offer many items for both girls and boys, too.

  2. Oh man,I have been wanting to go in and make one of these guys for my baby girl but I have no idea which to go with! I love Frosty and that mouse is adorable too! I am almost afraid to go now because I a pretty sure we will be going home with more than one!

  3. I absolutely love Build a Bear, possibly more than my kids. I wish we had one in our town but we don’t.

  4. Thanks for sharing information about the new line. Although I don’t have a little one yet (expecting #1 in April!), I have many friends whose little ones love Build-A-Bear.

  5. i like build a bear. my daughter has made a dog from there once. i like that they can watch it get stuffed and pick items to go with it.

  6. My grand daughter I am sure would love to go there. The staff are always very friendly and I agree that it can help spark
    the child’s imagination. Thanks for the review!

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  8. Those reindeer are so freakin cute! That or the penguin 🙂 My daughter would love either one 🙂 But the skirts are just so adorable!

  9. Build-a-Bear is great! They have a good variety of stuffed animals at different prices so even if you’re on a budget, you’ll be able to find something for your child.

  10. While my two older children have had the build a bear experience, my youngest child has yet to build one of her own. I hope to take her sometime before the holidays.

  11. These weren’t around when my children were little, but maybe for the grand-children. The Rudolph family characters look just like the real thing! The details are perfect and look like wonderful quality, too!

  12. My granddaughters are huge fans of Build-a-Bear! The Clarice one is so adorable – she was always my favorite character from Rudolph 🙂

  13. Thank you for including a lot of photos with your review. I was surprised to see how large the Clarice is! Her outfit makes it. That’s a beautiful gift to ask from Santa…

  14. I appreciate both the photographs and the notes. I have always wondered about the quality. I have a child that loves to tote around stuffed toys and would love to have a Build a Bear. I am happy to know one would stand up to being loved!

  15. My girls love Build a Bear. Its always a special day when we get to visit and build a new friend. Many of which become permanent bedtime buddies. The new mouse and blue bear are very cute!

  16. I love Build A Bear!!! I use to take my son all the time to build a bear but Finances got to be to much. Hopefully I can start taking him there again. Thanks for the review. It brought back some awesome moments for me.

  17. Thank you for sharing your review. You pictures are priceless. It is nice to see such quality photos the showcase the details of the bear. It also helps to see your little one with the bear. Gives a better perspective on the dimensions of the bear. The entire Build-a-Bear Holiday Collection is adorable.

  18. This collection is so cute! My daughter loves Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, so she’d love this collection! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  19. As I was reading this review my 4 year old told me “I have Clarice but I don’t have Rudolph. You should buy Rudolph for me!” That’s endorsement enough for me! Now to find the closest BAB 😉

  20. I love all the Christmas stuffed animals! It reminds me of all the Christmas cartoon specials I watched as a child. I hope to share those memories with my son this year!

  21. I just love the Build a Bear holiday collection. They just seem to know how to make cute even cutier. Rudolph is just adorable and Clarice, well she is just a total Fashionista all the way down to get red Mary Jane’s.
    I wish I had the money to get the entire collection. (And the room to put them)

  22. I love Build a Bear. I cant wait to make one for little girl Sammy. I winter/Christmas collection very cute. I really love the penguin.

  23. You are so right about the fond memories of Rudolph … when I saw your pictures on this post, it made me think back to my family sitting and watching it together!

  24. Ok, I’m an adult but I must admit I love these holiday Build a Bears. Clarise with her Christmas dress is especially cute. I think plush toys give children comfort and help with imaginative play. I loved plush animals when I was a child.

  25. Every time we go to the mall my daughter asks, “Can we go to Build-A-Bear Workshop? I promise we will just look I don’t want to buy anything, please?” I think every time we go there we end up in the store. I think it is a great place, and I agree, the products and staff there are great. I have thought about a party there (just a little pricey, though). I also love the Clarice doll.

  26. I love this store! Their service is always so great and everyone seems to genuinely like their job and have fun doing it. I have gone twice. My husband took me once to make me a bear LOL and then we went to get our step-daughter a MLP animal for Christmas this year. I love the Rudolph build-a-bear’s, SO cute 🙂

  27. I love that they’ve done some cute and classic Christmas characters. I’d love to see even more, like the Grinch, and the Charlie Brown kids.

  28. They have something for everyone…child, adult, boy, girl. SO many choices and accessories. Very fun store and some really amazing characters.

  29. We had a birthday party for my Granddaughter at build a bear. I had just as much fun as the kids did. It is a fun place, thanks for showing us the holiday items. Vicki.

  30. I was a teenager when I got my first Build-a-Bear plushie. I’m a Type I diabetic, so when Build-a-Bear had a purple bear the benefited juvenile diabetes research, my mom bought one for me. I’ve followed their business ever since, and love their holiday plushies this year!

  31. I am loving the new holiday Collection. If I could get them all I would probably try to re-enact our (my daughters) fav movie (^_^)

  32. I think build-a-bear is great. My granddaughters love it. They just purchased a camo bear for my son’s birthday. He was in the National Guard. When they saw this bear last month they just had to have it for him. They dressed it all in fatigues and my son loved it he’s 30. Build-a-bear is great for any age.

  33. I just think that Build-A-Bear – is such a great concept – and the staff are always nice. I love the newest one you created – Clarice – such a cute addition especially for girls. Thanks for the review!

  34. I love buildabear their variety of stuffed animals is amazing but it can be very hard to choose just one.their outfits and accessories are adorable also.These make such great gifts 🙂

  35. Great review, the new holiday collection is wonderful. But I always get a Bear for each of the new great nieces or great nephews. Tradition now.

  36. Wow, looking at the pictures…I didn’t realize how BIG the stuffed animals are. I like that you get a lot for your money…the animal and the experience of making it!

  37. Going to the Build-A-Bear store is a huge favorite with my daughters – who are in their early teens! It is such a fun experience and the animals really are great quality!

  38. I also have great memories of Build-A-Bear. My first one was with my colleger roommate who showed me all about it and we have become the best of friends. I keep that Bear close by. These christmas ones looks so fun as well especially the reindeer.

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