Breast Augmentation Singapore: One Way to have a Mommy Make-Over

Being a mother is not an easy job. From nine months of pregnancy to childbirth, breastfeeding and child-rearing, a mother must undergo a lot of changes especially in her body. Her physical appearance is altered to allow a child (or children) to grow inside her belly. Her breasts will have a lot of changes in their appearance and size as her hormones are on the works to get ready for breastfeeding after childbirth. The breast becomes fuller as milk is produced. However, after childbirth and breastfeeding, the breasts can droop and loses their volume.

Due to a lot of these physical changes especially on the breast, some women lose self-confidence and feel a little insecure and are interested to have a make-over. In cosmetic surgery for “Mommies”, one of the make-overs that we, the doctors at Dream Singapore, recommend is breast augmentation to restore the breast its fullness before breastfeeding and give the mommies another boost of self-confidence and enhance their natural beauty.

Read on to know more about breast augmentation in Singapore and how it can work for mothers.

What is breast augmentation?

To improve the fullness, projection and/or symmetry of the breast, we perform a series of surgeries we call breast augmentation. During this type of cosmetic surgery, we use silicone gel implants or fat transfer in some cases. For mothers who had been breastfeeding, this procedure would be ideal to restore the breast to its fullness and improve symmetry.

Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation?

Women who have experienced delivering and breastfeeding a child or two (or more) are considered good candidates for breast augmentation. It is quite common for an experienced mother in her 30’s who have had significant breast size, shape and appearance changes to have breast augmentation. Good results were also reported from breast augmentation procedures undergone by some women in their 40’s and 50’s. Whatever your age might be, it is best to set an appointment and consult with experienced doctors for proper advice. You are always welcome to visit us at Dream and we can help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Should breast augmentation be done until after childbirth?

This is often a question by would-be mothers and women that have plans of having children in the future. Breast augmentation does not commonly affect breastfeeding capabilities of a woman and is safe for both the baby and mother, thus having the procedure before childbirth can be considered. You have to keep in mind though that pregnancy, by nature, will affect the shape and size of the breasts whether she has implants or not and we recommend to those interested to wait after the surgery for 6 months before planning a pregnancy.

Can I breastfeeding be done after augmentation?

The placement of implants can be a critical factor for this concern. If placed below the breast tissue, it does not affect the milk production of the breast. Breast augmentation where the implant placement is below one of the chest muscles in fact preserves proper breast functioning aside from looking more natural. However, some placements might cause issues with breastfeeding in some women and we encourage you to come and visit us at Dream to discuss your options.


All in all, breast augmentation is a safe procedure and can be considered for your “Mommy Make-over”. There is a lot of happy feedback from people who have had this procedure. Of course, each woman has a different body and condition, thus we always recommend to those interested to have a proper consultation.

We highly encourage our patients to be open to their medical history such as having high blood pressure or diabetes and medications, etc. for us to plan the best approach to the breast augmentation procedure. A lot of additional factors will need to be considered before deciding on what can be done for you. At Dream, we have two approaches for breast augmentation and we discuss briefly the factors for each below.

  1. Using Implants
  • Type of Implant. The type of implants used is a big factor for this approach. Each implant type has its characteristics and is handled differently during the surgery. Also, each type has its advantages and disadvantages to consider before choosing. We decide upon the type of implant only after precise diagnosis where we consider each type and how it can fit your body shape, breast condition, etc.
  • Position of Implant. Implant placement is another factor to be considered as the position that can affect the overall procedure. For placement “Above Breast Muscles”, the implant is right below the mammary gland, above the chest muscles and recommended for women athletes and those who have droopy breasts. While the “Dual Plane Method” is a modified procedure where the implant is placed below the breast muscles.
  • Incision Area. There are three ways on how to make incisions for breast augmentation: armpit incision, areola incision, and inframammary incision where each of these has its characteristics and pros and cons.
  1. Fat Grafting.

In this approach, fat is taken from another part of the body is injected (grafted) onto areas of the breast requiring enhancement of volume. This is to produce safe, long-lasting results with a natural look. Factors such as surgery time & the amount of fat grafted are considered. Also, the person’s body frame is considered since different amounts of fat are required to get the desired results.

For mothers who are interested in breast augmentation in Singapore, you may contact us at Dream and schedule a consultation with us to learn more. At Dream, we have vast experience in different surgery methods and we sure could assure you only the most suitable methods will be recommended for you to complete that “Mommy Make-over” you well deserve.


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