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BoxWave iPad Mini Accessories Review

A special thanks to Boxwave for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Boxwave iPad Mini Accessories Review


About BoxWave

“BoxWave is an industry endorsed, multi award-winning accessories provider for handheld devices like the iPhone, Treo 750, and 8525. From CNBC to Engadget, Handheld Computing Magazine to PC Today, our accessories have been recognized and featured by industry leaders on numerous occasions.  Established in 2002, BoxWave has become the ultimate source for the most innovative accessories for handheld devices of all categories, including cell phones, PDA’s, smartphones, media players, gaming devices, GPS devices, UMPC’s, Tablet PC’s and more.  BoxWave offers one of the most comprehensive list of devices supported, and this list continues to expand as we update our products daily with the newest and most popular gadgets.  In addition to supporting a wide range of devices, BoxWave also offers products of the highest quality in the market.  Any purchases from BoxWave (made from BoxWave) are backed by unparalleled customer service, and a robust return policy and warranty.”

 Products Reviewed

Descriptions via Boxwave.com

Folio Stand iPad mini Case with Strap: The Folio Stand Case with Strap has specifically designed cutouts, ensuring access to your speakers, power button, and headphone jack all remains uncovered. It also enables your desired writing or stylus tool to be placed in a convenient pen holder on the side. Once stored inside the frame, a durable leather flap tucks over to hold your Apple iPad mini securely in place. The Folio Stand Case with Strap’s two-layer reinforced cover then folds across the screen where built-in magnets keep it from popping open unexpectedly. Fold the cover behind the screen to latch it and create a portable viewing stand. Then sit back and watch as the Folio Stand Case with Strap surrounds your Apple iPad mini to display a sharp and attractive image.

Boxwave iPad Mini Accessories Review


Kid Grip iPad mini CaseEnter the Kid Grip Case. Designed with maximum grip, protection, and kid friendly bumper handles, this thing can take it all!  Don’t worry about losing functionality, as the Kid Grip Case has easily accessible cutouts for all the features, buttons, and ports of your Apple iPad mini. Kid Grip Case is built to precisely and securely fit your device, you can feel confident handing over your Apple iPad mini to the kids anytime.

Boxwave iPad Mini Accessories Review


KinderStylus. Designed to fit in the hand of a child and give them the ability to write, draw, and navigate their way to entertainment and learning. What better way to keep your kids engaged than by having this colorful, fun stylus close any time you want to hand your tablet off to them.  Featuring an assortment of vibrant colors for boys and girls, as well as safe, soft rubber tips at both ends and sturdy, durable construction, the KinderStylus will be a fun, lasting way to encourage creativity and learning.

Boxwave iPad Mini Accessories Review


EverTouch Capacitive iPad mini Stylus: FiberMeshTM: Stylus Innovation: Introducing a breakthrough in stylus technology: The FiberMesh tip is precisely engineered with an extremely soft yet durable conductive woven fiber. Stylus Stamina: The FiberMesh tip is the longest lasting stylus tip on the market today. Seamlessly integrated with a metallic aluminum body of the perfect length and weight, the EverTouch Capacitive Stylus is built to last and quick to react. One Touch Response: No more double-tapping required. A single press of the EverTouch to the screen will pull up your app of choice. More bliss. Less frustration.

Boxwave iPad Mini Accessories Review

My Review

My husband and I decided this past Christmas to purchase our children iPad minis, as they had shown great responsibility using our iPads. Nonetheless, accidents still happen, little hands can lose their grip and an iPad could land on the floor. Therefore I found it necessary that they have quality cases to protect their iPad minis. This ended up being a bigger task than I had anticipated and I was greatly disappointed with the kid friendly iPad mini cases.

I was so delighted with the selections on the BoxWave website and even more impressed when we received the items for review. The kid Grip case is perfect for my three year old son and it allows him to hold it with ease, never losing his grip. The KinderStylus has been a great resource for him, he has been practicing writing letters, shapes and coloring in painting apps. Both of my children had attempted to use a regular stylus in the past, but lost interest right away. However, they have been using their KinderStylus’ each and every day and always make sure to put them in a safe place when they are done.

My seven year old daughter had the pleasure of reviewing the Folio Case, which is just perfect for her age. The case allows her to use it in multiple positions and it even has a convenient strap to hold it with. This case is going to be really great over the next few years and I honestly can not think of one that is more perfect for her.

Lastly, I had the opportunity to review one of the best stylus’ that I have ever used in the few years I have owned my iPad. I just the love the ease of using it, I barely have to apply pressure in order for it to function properly. I have thrown away many stylus’ because my hands would become sore from having to apply so much pressure when using it. I am so grateful to have found one that works so well and doesn’t cause me any discomfort.

Overall were are extremely pleased with the products we received for review from the BoxWave website. This assures me that they have reliable and quality products on their site. I highly recommend you visit their website for all your apple accessory needs!


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  1. They have some of the best accessories for I-Pad’s, my brother has one and I want one too for Mother’s Day.

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