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Boltwell B*68: Grab & Go Kit Review

A special thanks to Boltwell for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review

Boltwell B*68: Grab & Go Kit Review

About Boltwell

“Not too long ago, our founder wanted to stock up on some emergency items for his family. A few clicks on his computer later, he was up to his eyeballs in gloom-and-doom prepper websites. What he found on most of them: camouflage, more camouflage, and an overwhelming sense of panic. An ad exec by trade, he used his keen sense of style to come up with the initial concept that would become Boltwell™. While most emergency preparedness systems on the market are, well, extreme, Boltwell is a one-of-a-kind retail concept that gives everyday families tools to help keep loved ones safe during unexpected events. Approachable. Educational. Streamlined. We put a whole lot of planning into our offering so that you can check “keep my family prepared” off your to-do list (without thinking too much about the scary stuff) We want to make preparing for the unexpected not only empowering – but also fun. Live Well Equipped.”

Boltwell B*68: Grab & Go Kit Review

My Review

Many of us do not like to think about the possibility of being in an emergency situation, but none-the-less, it’s still something you should always be prepared for. I like to think of myself as a more “go with the flow” type person and I am rarely thinking ahead to what could happen. Fortunately for our family, my husband is a much more “prepared for the worse” type person and is always ensuring we are ready in case an emergency arises. I have learned a lot from him over the years and try my best to be as forward thinking as him. One thing that we have always agreed on and make sure to keep with us in the car is an emergency kit. However, after moving to a whole new state that came with emergency that we are not use to, I decided it would be best to have something more than just a kit full of bandaids.

You may have watched on the news this past winter coverage about the huge snow storm that hit Georgia and the catastrophe to follow. We moved to the Atlanta area (from Maine) shortly after this event and have spoken to a number of people that had quite the story to tell. Thousands of people found themselves stranded on the highway, many stuck in their cars for days. As a person that grew up in Maine and lived there for 27 years, I have never experienced something like that because our state is, of course, well prepared for that type of weather. When trying to think about how I would have handled that situation such as that, I find much appreciation for having a Boltwell B*68: Grab & Go Kit in my trunk. There are so many items in this kit that would have helped my family to handle an emergency, such as being stranded on the highway, much easier. There are also a handful of other emergencies that I can think of off the top of my head that would make this kit beneficial. Just take a look!:


Boltwell B*68: Grab & Go Kit Review

Boltwell B*68: Grab & Go Kit Review

Boltwell B*68: Grab & Go Kit Review

I was so impressed with the items included in this kit and am so happy to have discovered Boltwell. I feel a sense of releife when I leave my home knowing I have this wonderful collection of products to help me in an emergency situation! Boltwell offers numerous kits and I highly recommend you visit their website today and take a look around.

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