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Blue Steel Viper Bold Round Women’s Bracelet Review

A special thanks to Blue Steel for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Blue Steel Vipor Bold Round Women's Bracelet Review

About Blue Steel

At Blue Steel, we understand what it is to be passionate about jewelry. We know that feeling our customers get when they discover a piece that is so perfect for them, because we love beautiful jewelry too! Blue Steel was founded in 2009 by Roman Northcut, who first took his signature blend of unique jewelry styles, affordable prices, and stellar customer service on the road, touring the motorcycle circuit. Within one year, Blue Steel was the #1 jewelry company on the circuit and the dream grew from there.In 2010, Roman greatly expanded the style selections and the company itself, by taking Blue Steel online. Today, Blue Steel is quickly becoming one of the internet’s premier destinations for high quality jewelry at affordable prices. We feature a wide variety of classic, contemporary and artistic styles created in surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, and sterling silver.

Blue Steel Vipor Bold Round Women's Bracelet Review

 About the Viper Bold Round Women’s Bracelet

“Viper is a bracelet with serious charisma. Give them a hint about your wild side with this sleek and sexy, stainless steel chain bracelet. Highly polished links alternate with snake skin patterned links to create a truly unique look that is subtle, until someone gets close to you. Then, you can strike! Makes a cool gift idea too.”

My Review

Contrary to my daily appearance (which lacks accessories and jewelry)  I absolutely do in fact have much love for it! If not for my children, I would wear it daily and flaunt it even on the modest of occasions. Unfortunately I find it difficult to make expensive jewelry purchases when I have to worry about a necklace constantly being tugged on and a bracelet that needs to be taken off because I am always washing my hands. It just seems pointless to spend all that money just for it to sit in my jewelry box. So what is a mother to do if she wants to purchase affordable and quality jewelry that can will make her feel glamorous any day of the week? I recently discovered a fantastic website that is packed full of the gorgeous and affordable jewelry that I have been longing for.

Blue Steel is a prestigious website that offers high quality jewelry at prices that won’t break the bank. I had the opportunity to review something that immediately caught my eyes, with it’s unique look and attractive shine. I really wanted something that wouldn’t easily get broken if one of my children pulled to hard on it, as well as one that I could wear on any occasion. The Viper Bold Round Women’s Bracelet was exactly what I was looking for and I was even more impressed once I received it.

Blue Steel Vipor Bold Round Women's Bracelet Review

 I found that the clasp on this bracelet was ideal for me and it clips so easily and securely. I am all about unique and standing out and the snake skin pattern on this bracelet provided just that without getting too extreme. The price for such a well made piece of jewelry still has me in shock, I can not believe what a great deal it is! I wear this bracelet all of the time, it can take any ordinary/plain outfit and add a bit of glamor to it. With proper care and cleaning, the bracelet has kept it’s integrity and looks just as beautiful as the day I received it. I must say that if this bracelet represents the quality of  all of the Blue Steel jewelry, than that is just amazing! Based on the experience of the product I reviewed, I can honestly say that I would highly recommend this website for your jewelry shopping needs! Quality and affordability are two very important things to me and Blue Steel great represents both of those!

Blue Steel Vipor Bold Round Women's Bracelet Review

Blue Steel Viper Bold Round Women's Bracelet Review

Blue Steel Viper Bold Round Women's Bracelet Review

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