Best Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Home This Winter

As the cold weather approaches, it’s a good time to make sure your home won’t become invaded with pests during the winter. Pests such as brown recluse spiders, raccoons, mice, German cockroaches, rats, and stink bugs are all common annoyances during the winter. Just as you would begin to weatherize your house to prepare for winter, you should also make sure you’ve made necessary steps around your home to prevent critters from getting inside. 

Start Making Necessary Home Repairs

Some pests may get in your home no matter what measures you take, although you’ll end up seeing fewer of them if you make the proper repairs. First take a look at windows, floors, and doors. You don’t want cracks and you don’t want to leave anything unsealed. Make sure all cracks, holes, and entry points are sealed. You will also want to repair your weather-stripping on all of your windows. It’s also a good idea to replace or repair torn screens. Another thing you’ll want to do is to check your crawl spaces and eliminate any nests you see. 

Keep Your Attic and Basement Dry and Well-Ventilated

If you have children, the last thing you want crawling around your home is mice because they can pose a serious health hazard. With that being said, you’ll want to make sure you pay extra attention to your basement and attic by keeping them dry and well-ventilated. An easy way to do this is to install a dehumidifier in your basement. You can also dry out your basement with floor fans. Adding air vents to your attic is also a good way to keep that area ventilated. 

Maintain Your Yard

To keep the pests outside, you need to make sure they’re not attracted to your yard. If you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove, you’ll want to make sure you store your wood at least 20 feet from your home. Keep your trash covered to eliminate any food sources. Rodents can chew through plastic and aluminum, so check your trash can for holes on a regular basis and replace or repair them when necessary. Pay attention to the condition of your yard. If there are piles of trash or overgrowth, you’ll want to do something to eliminate it. If there are any branches hanging close to your home, you will want to trim them because they can make a perfect entryway for common pests. 

Keep Your Home Tidy

Pests like clutter, and they also like it when crumbs are left on counters for them to munch on. Kitchens are commonplace for pests because kitchens have food. Instead of using harmful chemicals in your kitchen, you can, instead, use vinegar to eliminate any insects. Make sure to clean up properly after every meal, do the dishes, wipe the counters, and sweep the floor. You’ll also want to keep your laundry washed, and reduce clutter as much as possible. If you find yourself with the very common problem of houseflies, the world’s most prevalent insect, here are some Tips on How to Get Rid of Houseflies.

Call the Experts Whenever Necessary 

If you still have a pest problem, even after you’ve done all the steps necessary for rodent proofing, you may want to enlist the help of experts. The good thing about hiring a pest control service is that these individuals are experienced and know exactly what needs to be done to get rid of whatever pests you have invading your home. Make sure to fully research a company before selecting one to find out if they’re reputable or not.

No one wants pests in their home. By keeping the exterior and interior of your home tidy, and taking care of any problematic areas, you have a better chance of eliminating a potential pest problem. If you do still eventually get pests, you don’t have to panic because there are many services that can help you. 

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