Belli Vita “Timeless Belly Bowls from the Shape of your Bellybump”

Artist and Founder, Laura Marie, has a deep passion for pregnancy, working with people and creating exquisite timeless belly bowls from the shape of expecting mommy bellybumps! Her sculptural art commemorates the experience of pregnancy that can be displayed and cherished for life. Laura Marie’s studio is located in West Seattle at her home. Laura Marie will travel to California, New York and other U.S. cities to create belly bowls for expecting mommies all over the country.

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The hand-blown belly bowls are shaped from pregnancy casting at the base with waves and curves expanding from the pregnant form. You can choose from two to four colors and all belly bowls include a sturdy mount to hand on the wall (upon request). As an alternative to the belly bowl shape, you can choose to have a blown glass vase using the shape of your blown glass pregnant belly casting. Another option is a hand-painted porcelain belly bowl with your choice of natural edges in colors of your likings.

Material: choose to keep the raw casting as-is, or have it transformed into a timeless work of art using either custom porcelain or blown glass.

Shape: choose whether you want your bowl to be more shallow or deep.

Edges: choose whether you want to maintain the natural edges of the casting (porcelain bowls only), or if you’d like us to flute the edges (porcelain and blown glass—in shallow or deep flutes).

Colors: should you choose to have your belly casting transformed into a custom work of art, we’ll work closely with you to determine your choice of colors. Porcelain bowls have the option of special metallic finishes—our artist has a special talent for creating intricate, mosaic-like designs using special paints and/or tiny bits of glass.

Hand Lettering: both porcelain and blown glass bowls can feature your baby’s initials, or a personal message—using hand lettering (porcelain) or engraving (blown glass). Some parents prefer to wait until their baby is born to include his or her name and birth date on the inside or outside of the bowl.

Baby and Bowl Photo Session: for an additional fee, we can identify a photographer skilled in newborn photography to take professional photos of your new baby in your belly bowl—his or her first home—in your area.

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“The miracle of pregnancy and childbirth truly moves my soul. When I think about the fleeting moments in time that I thought I would never forget, and the dramatic changes that our bodies go through during the pregnancy process, I knew I had to find a way to preserve that memory forever.”

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