Baby #3 Gender Announcement!

Our family is happy to announce that we will be expecting a baby girl!!! These two adorable kids are over the moon with excitement about having a baby sister! We even ventured to Target last night and picked out the first official baby girl outfit, oh how I am going to spoil this little girl with lots of pink outfits! The kids could not believe how little the clothes were and that their baby sister will be so tiny when she is born.

The ultrasound showed that everything looks perfect and she is a very active little girl already. It was such a unique and special experience to watch my little girl on screen kicking me AND feeling it at the same time. At one point the ultrasound technician got a fantastic view of her kicking her feet four times in a row, even she was thrilled to see such active movement. We also got a great picture of her stretching her little arms out! I am so in love with this little girl already, I can not wait to have her apart of the family!

Baby #3 Gender Announcement!

In other news, I am twenty weeks along, as of yesterday. I am trying my best to take advantage of the second trimester and get a lot done, since this is basically the easiest part of the pregnancy. Baby girl has been so incredibly active, she is constantly kicking and moving around. Just this week, her movement was strong enough that you can now feel it on the outside of my stomach. Feeling great and looking forward to sharing this experience with you all!

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