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AVida Toys Spotted Sloth Review

A special thanks to AVida Toys for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!


About Andrea Vida: Owner of AVida Toys

“Sewing is my passion since I was a child, and making dolls when my children were babies – it was 18 years ago. They do not play with my dolls anymore, but the passion of dollmaking is still alive in me.
My dolls are made partly from recycled materials which are thoroughly selected and carefully cleaned and prepared by me. I prefer natural threads, canvases, linen and wool. I always use high quality polyfill to stuff my dolls.
My dolls are always carefully sewn – most of them are safe for children, even if they are not only for babies. If I use small pieces which are unavailable for toddlers, it is always referenced in the item’s description.
I like to dress up my creatures – you can find lots of cute clothes for them in the shop. The creatures which can be dressed up are more or less the same size, so they can wear each other’s dresses. The clothes are available together with any creatures or separately, too.”

AVida Toys Spotted Sloth Review

 My Review

We have a household full of family members that just adore and love stuffed animals and they seem to be a “toy” that children never grow too old for. My eight year old daughter is especially fond of stuffed animals and everyone in our family is always going out of their way to buy her one during  those special occasions. We have undoubtedly seen our share of different quality stuffed animals and there are ones that last weeks and then there are those ones that get passed down through generations of loving children. It takes special characteristics and high quality workmanship to have the luxury of being a stuffed animal that is loved by many children over the years. This is certainly true when you take into account all of the travels and adventures they will go on together and all of times they will comfort your child through tears and sickness. I was recently introduced to the amazing and unique AVida Toys and instantly fell in love with each and every stuffed animal in the AVida Toys Etsy store. I had never seen quite an impressive collection of handmade stuffed animals that were clearly made from a person with much passion and creativity.

AVida Toys Spotted Sloth Review

Our family had the pleasure of reviewing the incredibly adorable and huggable XXL Spotted Sloth and he has become the most loved stuffed animal in our home. His long arms make him perfect for hugs and carrying around the house. I find that my children will run and get the sloth the moment I tell him we are going to settle down and watch a family movie. The extremely soft fabric makes him irresistible and I quite often find one of my children asleep on his tummy. This sloth is also really fun to play with because you can place his arms in legs in so many different positions and the kids love making him hang from things.

As you can see from the image below, the face is made of canvas, which gives it a very unique and desirable look. The eyes are securely sewn buttons that make this safe for even the youngest of stuffed animal lovers. The soft plush material and stuffed polyfill features essentially make this the perfect sloth to snuggle with, one that you will not want to put down!

AVida Toys Spotted Sloth Review

AVida toys makes their stuffed animals in a variety of sizes and if you are looking for the perfect one for a smaller child, I suggest the standard size Lazy Sloth. His body is just nine inches long and also contains those same long and huggable arms as the XXL sloth. My three year old son is very much in love with this little guy and wraps the sloth’s arms around his neck at bedtime. He also enjoys spinning around the house with the lazy sloth, this is the most adorable site! The long arms truly make this a great stuffed animal for young children, as they can easily hold onto it no matter where they go. The sloths are also machine washable so there’s no reason to fret when your little one drags his sloth through the dirt or a puddle!

AVida Toys Spotted Sloth Review

AVida Toys Spotted Sloth Review

 AVida Toys Spotted Sloth Review 

I must tell you that in my own personal opinion I believe it to be well worth spending the extra money on a high quality stuffed animal than half the price on a cheap one. I like to look at things in long terms and take into account all of those cheap stuffed animals that I payed for over the course of my children’s earlier years. If i were to add up the cost of all of those cheaper stuffed animals that ended up in the trash, I would see that I ultimately payed much more than if I would have just made the investment in one high quality stuffed animal. There are a handful of stuffed animals that were mine as a child that I passed onto my children and they have so many more years left in them! Those are the stuffed animals that are very similar to the quality I found in the AVida Toys sloths. So if you have children that just love and adore stuffed animals and you want to provide them with one that you can one day pass on to your grandchildren, I highly recommend you visit the AVida Toys Etsy Shop today! 

Enjoy these photos of the amazing and loveable AVida Toys Sloths!

AVida Toys Spotted Sloth Review


AVida Toys Spotted Sloth Review

AVida Toys Spotted Sloth Review

AVida Toys Spotted Sloth Review

AVida Toys Spotted Sloth Review

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43 thoughts on “AVida Toys Spotted Sloth Review

  1. So unique and cute! My daughters would love this because they are interested in animals. Also, how cute would this be for a baby toy?!
    Love the long arms and legs 🙂

  2. These are so unique, whimsical, and adorable! Some animals are overlooked for stuffed toys (bears and bunnies get all the love!). It’s nice that the sloths finally get their day. 🙂

  3. I so agree with your review. Quality vs. quantity. These AVida toys look very well made. You can also tell that they are made with love. Thank you for the review.

  4. Nothing beats toys made by hand. They are durable and these ones are very cute. Love the review and appears they are of good quality indeed.

  5. Oh my gosh, what an adorable sloth! Super cute. Also, every time I think of a sloth, I think of the actress Kristen Bell when she was on Ellen (google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s hilarious) 😉

  6. This is really cute. I really like the big one and little one as a set. This is something I would absolutely get for my daughter for Christmas. We went to the zoo about two summers ago and all she cared about was seeing the sloths. She is infatuated by them.

  7. I think it’s important to have a “different” stuffed animal like this, and by different I mean beyond the usual teddy bear or kitty cat. Getting children exposed to various species at a young age is important. Lets open up the animal kingdom to them.

  8. These are so adorable, all the animals they make are so cute. Will have to order some for my daughter’s Birthday!

  9. I love seeing stuffed animals for kids that are of lesser popularity animals. Not only is this toy adorable but who knows it may inspire some child to study sloths or work with animals in some type of capacity.

  10. I loved this review. It was both interesting and informative. It was also easy to read and understand. I love this toy. It is so nice and I know my grandson will love it if I am lucky enough to win it. I also love the fact it is machine washable.

  11. There are some amazing softies on her Etsy site, she is incredibly talented. I want to get something for my daughter for her baby thats due this summer, but Im having a hard time deciding

  12. These are simply adorable and captivating. Like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Such a great snuggle toy.

  13. These stuffed animals seem very impressive. They sound very well made, which is a must since children are hard on their best friends and they will eventually need to be thrown in the washing machine. The sloth is so very unique!

  14. A well made stuffed toy is a desirable item. I agree they go through a lot of travel and get used as pillows etc. I just love the sloth!

  15. I promised my 6 year old son a pet when he got back from Grammie’s for the summer. He watched Ice Age for the first time in years. He called to specifically ask me for a sloth, and I told me we couldn’t get a sloth. This would be perfect because not only did he ask for a sloth but he LOVES stuffed animals. There’s more than 20 on his bed right now.

  16. I love that this toy can be a keepsake. It makes so much sense to pay extra for quality durable pieces. I also love how she has so much range in her Esty shop. So many cute items on there!

  17. This sloth is so cute and I love the long dangly arms and I love that there are so many different styles to pick from, I love the colors of this sloth and he/she does not appear so lazy and the baby is cute, Check out her Etsy shop

  18. Thank you for reviewing this. i would have never found out about these adorable little sloths without it! i Favorited it on etsy and will probably be buying one for my little girl 🙂

  19. These are very quite and look very well made. I would have never seen these without your review, thanks!

  20. These are too adorable and after looking through the Etsy store I see that there are many more just as adorable.


  21. I love these adorable sloth stuffed animals! I agree that spending more on a high quality stuffed animal is definitely worth it in the long run. I love that these are hand made!

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