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Auroae’s Micro Fiber Sport Towel Review

A special thanks to Aurora for sending me a free product for reviewing purposes!

Aurorae Yoga


Product Description

“Aurorae’s Eco Safe, Hygienic, Super Absorbent Multipurpose Micro-fiber Sport Towel Measures a full 72″x24″, Light weight and easy to care for. This towel will easily out perform any ordinary cotton towel. For Yoga you can easily place this towel on the top of your yoga mat to prevent your hands from slipping. It will also absorb any perspiration that may accumulate on your body as well as your mat while practicing.”


  • High Quality, super absorbent, Micro Fiber Towel. Acts as an ideal moisture absorbant towel to wipe away perspiration and Create a Slip Free Surface
  • Lush, Light Weight, Super Soft for Comfort, Easy to Carry and Travel with. Ideal to lay over a carpet for clean yoga/excerice surface
  • Machine wash separately, Cold water and detergent. Tumble dry Low, 80% Polyester 20% Polycimide
  • Provides ideal hygienic slip free surface for yoga as well as an eco safe, multipurpose towel for working out/other leisure activities.
  • Great Aurorae Personal Service and All Products Guaranteed by Owner. Contact me with any problems. 5 Star Feedback

My Review

 I recently had the opportunity to review Auroae’s Micro Fiber Sport Towel and am simply impressed with how much better it compares to cotton towels. In addition to it’s beautiful and vibrant purple that hasn’t faded after several washes, it works wonders! One problem that has always bothered me when doing yoga or Pilates is that my hands slip when in certain positions. This can really throw you off when you are in a good pose and sometimes causes much discomfort to my hands. The micro fiber sport towel is a simple solution for this problem, creating a slip free surface for you. I love how I can simply throw this towel on top of my rug, at any time in the day, and do a quick Pilates session. This has really made a difference in my performance and ability, I never realized how much my carpet was hindering my ability to do Pilates properly. If you are looking for something to help you kee your hands from slipping while doing your favorite workout activity, then this product is for you!

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