Asif Ali Gohar on Wearing Your Own Products

There are many different approaches to advertising and to brand loyalty, and we are looking at wearing your own products. One example of this is Asif Ali Gohar who has created a new vegan leather that is made from rice and rice byproducts. His approach to using and even wearing his own product has gotten the attention of people who are looking for new materials for their own use.

Sandals and tools are only some of the items that are created with this material. Asif Ali Gohar has been seen wearing sandals that are made from this rice leather and they are getting attention everywhere he goes. When asked about this, he did have a few comments to share. 

I wear them because they are good quality. They last a long time and they are comfortable. When I do wear them I sometimes get questions and people ask me where I go them and what type of leather they are, because you can’t tell that they aren’t a traditional leather just from looking. 

In some ways, I do think this helps them get more attention and I think that by seeing me wear them and others in my family and in my company, people become more aware. People like to share new things and talk about things that others might not know about, so this way they are talking about them and about the leather and this makes it in more demand. 

Whether the results are expected or anticipated or not, it seems to be working. I was provided with a pair and I wore them for a few days to try the comfort and to see if they were noticed. Several people did notice and they asked about them, but I wonder if it’s different when you are wearing your own product or when you are wearing someone else’s. Is it at all seen to be tacky to wear your own products? Or does it show that you stand behind your brand and are happy to use the items? Either way the results seem to be a net positive as the leather is growing in uses and becoming more mainstream every year. 

Designers will often wear their own designs to their shows and will wear some of their own as well as items from those who inspire them when they are dressing for other occasions. This is less common in the manufacturing or the materials side, as they are unfinished and raw materials. However, anything that can increase the knowledge and awareness has to be a positive. Even if people are judging brand owners for wearing their own products, even if they call it an obvious marketing tactic, they are still talking about it. 

While the world takes more notice of leather alternatives, and of this particular alternative, the resulting products are sure to gain attention. Seeing it in use regularly and knowing that others are enjoying it is one way to show the wide range of applications.

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