As Pest-Free as Possible: Knowing the Signs and Preventative Measures

It is part of the territory when you get a pet that there can be some issues with regard to fleas and bugs in your home. If you find there are many bugs, this can undoubtedly be one of the most frustrating and anxiety-inducing aspects of living in a home. For many people, just talking about them makes them itchy, which is why it’s important to notice the signs that your home has a pest problem but also understand what you can do to pest-proof your property. Let’s get into it.

The Signs 

Dead Bugs

This could be a very small sign that you’ve got pests. Even though the bugs are dead, there is very likely an infestation on the property. Pest control experts search as SWAT Wildlife Restoration Services can always take control of the situation, but you need to conduct due diligence and make sure you check the window ledges and basement for signs of any dead bugs, especially if you can find ones of the same species, which means it is very likely they’re all congregating on your property. 

Exterior Breeding Grounds

Outside of the home is also just as important. For example, if you are based near an alleyway or by electrical wires in enclosed areas, these could be signs that rodents are nearby. Or if you are near stagnant water, lakes, or ponds, this could mean a mosquito problem during the summer. 

Strange Smells

There are very specific smells based on the pest. Roaches can smell very oily and mice tend to smell like urine. If you also notice any strange sounds, this could be a sign of a pest infestation. Common sounds like scratching and gnawing are very common in homes with pest infestations. 


If you’ve just moved into a property and you find pest droppings, there are a number of different types that can show you what you are dealing with. 

Damage to the Lawn

If you notice any large brown areas in a circle shape or grass of differing lengths, this can also be a sign you have a pest infestation. Pay close attention to the plants and the grass blades, if you see any damage or signs of gnawing on the ends of the grass, this can also highlight pest problems. 

How Can You Pest-Proof Your Property? 

There are so many different things we can do to make sure that we are protecting our property. If you are living in a new home and you’ve not got the lay of the land yet, you should give some consideration to the following to ensure your home is as pest-proof as humanly possible: 

Practice Cleanliness

Bugs like flies and slugs are attracted to dirty environments. The very simple solution is to get into the habit of cleaning kitchen surfaces and throwing away any uneaten food. This also includes pet food. While you may leave pet food out for longer than normal in the hope that your pet will eat it, after a while it can become a breeding ground for bugs like flies. On the topic of your pet, you should also keep an eye on them and make sure they get flea treatments and wash their bedding every few weeks. 

Seal the Doors 

If you see plenty of flies around your property during the summer months, fly screens can easily fit on your doors. You can also seal the door to ensure that bugs don’t get through the small gaps. Seal the joint where the frame touches the wall and along the bottom. 

Create Strong Smells

Strong smells like lavender and cinnamon can be wonderful to keep pests like spiders away. However, it’s important to note that spiders are natural predators. Without spiders, you may have more pests on your property, but if it’s got to the point where it’s all too frustrating you can use peppermint essential oils, especially during the fall months when spiders migrate from the outside to the inside to keep warm. 

Storing Your Garbage Properly

Keeping everything tight with lids on top will ensure that bugs cannot get in. Food waste in the kitchen should be secured and it is critical to get into the habit of emptying your garbage every single night. 

It is something we all have to live with to a certain extent. Pests can be so frustrating, which is why it is essential to get an understanding of the signs and be more preventative so you can live as pest-free as possible.

3 thoughts on “As Pest-Free as Possible: Knowing the Signs and Preventative Measures

  1. Thank you for sharing – that was very helpful.
    I only wanted to add that if you want to keep your home perst free, you should clean air ducts in your home regularly – every 3 to 5 years. Over time, air ducts get filled with dust, mites, bacteria, and debris and become a favorable environment for pests.

  2. In order to keep pest at bay, it’s also important to keep some food items such as cereals, potatoes, and dried fruit in the fridge rather than in the pantry or cupboard. Also, remember to take out the trash as soon as necessary – pests love garbage and if you have it sitting in the kitchen, they’ll consider it an invitation to attack.

  3. To prevent pests in your home, also remember to keep your trees under control and trim them when possible because you don’t want to give rodents and pests an easy way to get on top of it and enter your home.

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