Are You Unknowingly Endangering Your Child? Check Out The Signs

Are You Unknowingly Endangering Your Child? Check Out The SignsParents have a variety of jobs, but their main one is to keep their kids safe and happy. Everything a mommy or a daddy does is to achieve this goal. So, it isn’t nice when someone points out that you may be doing it wrong. Who are they to question your parenting technique? Quite right – they should keep their opinions to themselves. But, what if they are correct? As frightening as it sounds, parents do things which endanger their kids and don’t realize. Consider the newborns that used to sleep in bed with their mom. Mistakes are common, and here are the signs they are happening to you.

Not Having The Talk

In most western countries, this has morphed into a euphemism about sex. Parents sit down with their kids and inform them about the “birds and the bees,” or something to that effect. However, talking about hazards isn’t only related to intercourse. You may, for example, want to go over the basic rules regarding bullying or to accept a ride from a stranger. Unfortunately, the talk often doesn’t happen for a while and it puts youngsters in a vulnerable position. As soon as they can understand, you should tackle the awkward situation head-on.

Unregulated Social Media

Recently, there has been a shift in the number of incidents involving predators. As all parents know, the internet is the place they like to lurk because it is an anonymous platform. Even worse, kids are posting personal information online without considering the consequences. They don’t know that “checking in” on Facebook is an open invitation to anyone who has access to their profile. This is where moms and dads have to step in and introduce safeguards. Policing their accounts is extreme but it’s the only way to keep them safe.

Accepting The “Inevitable”

We can’t change our genes, right? It’s the accepted theory, yet the good people Poseida Therapeutics disagree quite strongly. has extra info, but the gist is that they are trying to correct genetic diseases. And, they are winning. To be fair, it isn’t only this company that is fighting the good fight as there is a huge industry. Regardless, the pertinent thing to remember is that a hereditary disease isn’t the end of the world. points out how all genetic ailments may be eradicated in the next twenty years, so ask a doctor for their advice.

Not Nagging

“God, get off my back will you?!” It’s a stock phrase youngsters use when they feel suffocated and threatened, and it’s a great sign. No parent wants to annoy their kids, yet it is your civic duty to ask questions. Where have you been? What have you been doing? Who with and why? Yes, it is the Spanish Inquisition and there should be consequences if your offspring don’t answer appropriately. After all, their friends’ parents won’t do your job. As they mature, they will start to appreciate the love.

Are any of these signs familiar? If they are, the trick is not to panic but to take action.

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