Are You Ready For Another Child?

Having a newborn in the house is an exciting time in life! It’s a period where your life is changing, and you’re adjusting to having another member of the family, and babies are always so cute too! All in all, it can be a very lovely time, and it can help to bring you all together in the best way possible. 

However, before undertaking such a monumental decision, it’s key to consider the logistics behind welcoming a new member into the family. You know you and your partner want to have another child, of course!  So now it’s time to think about the who, what, where, when, and why. 

Most of all, ask yourself: is this the right time to bring a new baby into the world for you? Do you have everything you need to take care of them? And what is their future older sibling going to say about it all?

Remember How it All Feels

How did it feel the first time you got pregnant? How did it feel knowing you were about to be a parent? How did it feel preparing for the birth and arrival of your child? These are all questions to keep in mind when you’re thinking about having another baby; they’ll be the most surefire indicators that you’re ready to commit to the idea, once you’ve agreed with your partner that it’s what you both want. 

So cast your mind back, and think about both the positive and negative emotions as well as the physical feelings you experienced. How did pregnancy feel? What toll did it take on your body? Are you prepared to go through that again? You’ll have a wonderful little baby, but is that what you really want right now? This is an especially good question to consider if your youngest child is currently less than 2 years old, as your body may not have had quite enough time to readjust yet. 

Be sure to talk these things through with your partner too, to ensure you both get all your thoughts and feelings out on the table. You deserve to make an honest, joint decision here, and sometimes that takes a lot of late night talks and a bit of healthy collaboration. 

Consider How the Cost Will Change

The cost of raising a family in the United States changes all the time, and it’s all dependent on how many children you plan to have. One baby averages a cost of over $230,000 until the age of 17, and throwing 1 or 2 more siblings into the mix can further complicate your family budget. 

After all, more children can make raising a family less expensive, as older siblings can pass down clothes and toys, and buying food in bulk often works out cheaper, etc. But having a 4 or 5 member family can also make home expenses a lot more costly at the same time. You’ll have to fork out more for heating and water bills, and there’s always a chance you’ll need to renovate/expand to ensure the baby has their own nursery to use. 

Not to mention the potential costs behind planning to have another child. Some families will have to factor fertility treatment costs into their future plans, as well as extraneous hospital bills, and even the potential need for after care for the newborn as well. This can raise the price of bringing another baby into your family by upwards of 10%, but both health insurance and payment plans can help adjust this cost back down again.

Think About Your Space Needs

Following on from the point above, the way you use the space in your home is going to change as well. It’s going to become a lot more crowded round your place, especially if you’re living in a house that has fewer bedrooms than family members, and that’s the best thing to think about when it comes to the practicality of being ready for another child. 

Can siblings double up without a problem? Sure, the baby can be in with you for the first 6 months to the first year, but after that, they’ll need a room of their own to sleep in. They’ll need to get used to having their own space, as well as sleeping on their own in a room that’s well designed for their needs. Babies have quite specific ones, after all, so sharing with a child that’s 3-5 years older can make planning the layout a lot more complicated! 

And then comes the storage ordeal… You’ll have a lot more things to put away and keep tidy, and if you’re not careful, items will be strewn all over the floor and you’ll be constantly avoiding tripping hazards. While it can be easy to incorporate hidden storage spaces into a home like yours, is there enough space for these in the first place? 

What About the Family Dynamic?

Now it’s time to talk to your little one, and work out how they would feel about a new brother or sister. They’re going to be an older sibling for the first time, or even for the second or third time, and that’s always going to be a big part of their life. You’ll want to get their honest feelings on the matter, so make sure you start a conversation like this in an easy and casual way. 

Most of all, you’re trying to feel out how they’ll react to a new baby in the house. Will they be excited, and want to get stuck in and help? Or will they be jealous, and hate having your attention taken away? Depending on the severity of your child’s reaction, it can sometimes be worth it to wait a little while until they’re a bit older before having another baby, but there’s also a lot you can do to warm them to the idea right now! 

If you’re ready for another child, let yourself be confident in your decision! 

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