Are Handwritten Letters Making a Comeback?

Something that stands out to me and that I still remember from my childhood were all of the handwritten notes my mother use to always put in my lunchbox. While I don’t recall what those notes said exactly, I can still remember how special and happy it made me feel to find those notes each day when I would open my lunchbox. I carried that tradition over to my children and find so much happiness is sneaking hand written notes to them whenever I get the chance. Whether it’s in their lunch box, placed on their dresser, or tucked under their pillow… I love to see how happy it makes them feel when they read the notes from me!

Since when did putting our thoughts and feelings down into a written letter become a rare thing to do? The answer is… since the rise of the internet. Technology has greatly evolved over the years and it can often seem like writing something down on paper with a pen is a thing of the past… however, handwriting letters is a tradition that I personally believe will never die.

Just a few weeks ago I received several hand written letters from my children’s teachers, thanking us for their Valentine’s day gifts. My children and I were so happy to open these letters and we saved them in a special box with their school work. There is just something so special and sincere when you receive a handwritten letter! Spending the time to put pen to paper is what matters when it comes to letter writing. Giving up your time is a sign that you are truly grateful to the person that you are sending a letter to. Either way, it’s something that needs to be done more often, if nothing but to show a sign of sincerity to the receiver.

Just think back to the last time you received a handwritten letter and how nice it felt to get one. Why not reciprocate? Chances are, if you give someone a handwritten letter as a gift, it will be cherished much more than a store-bought card would be (because let’s face it, do we ever really keep those cards?) A handwritten letter will also be read more than once and cherished for many years to come.

Here are some ideas to get you started on your handwritten letter:

  • Remember when… We all have “that story” that we love reminiscing about with a friend. …
  • 5 things I love about you
  • Plan a future trip to see each other
  • Ask 3 questions
  • Give some advice
  • Tell a story of your very first memory of them
  • Share your favorite family recipe
  • Your favorite TV shows and why you are watching them
  • Your most favorite thing about them
  • A paragraph on what always reminds you of them
  • A collection of family pictures you haven’t seen before
  • An acrostic poem using their name
  • A list of questions they can answer and post back
  • Something about them that makes you feel proud, let them know

So instead of giving a gift card or some other gift that you might purchase, why not take a few minutes to write your very own letter as a gift to someone special instead?

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