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Anchr: The Simple, Beautiful Way to Share Visual Questions

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of anchr. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Imagine if you could take Pinterest and include the ability to use facebook’s features of liking, sharing and commenting. Wouldn’t that be just divine!? Would you believe me if I told you that there is a new website that includes that very concept? Anchr is a one of a kind place that allows you to ask questions (with a photo) and receive feedback from other followers.

Just imagine all of the scenarios that this website could assist you in!

  • Contemplating a gift for dad while at the mall and just cant decide! Snap a few pictures, post it to anchr and watch your community vote for their favorite and  share their thoughts! Anchr is also mobile friendly, making it an on the go essential!
  • In desperate need of help on deciding what to bring for food to the office party? Find your favorite recipes online and see which is the most popular amongst fellow anchr members!
  • Need a new pair of shoes but not sure which style is in? Post pictures of trendy shoes and see which is most loved by everyone else!

The possibilities are endless and I found myself instantly intrigued with all of the questions posted on the website. The voting is what really had me spending hours on the website, something about it just had me clicking away! Did I mention all of the wonderful recipes and home decor ideas I stumbled upon (again there is that pinterest like feature I mentioned.)  As I am clicking on these great ideas, more posts from that blogger are displayed and before you know it two hours have gone by!

Warning, this website is extremely addicting!

Then once you have spent half your day liking, voting, sharing, discovering… you may find yourself pondering some questions of your own and wanting to get some feedback!

Here is an example of some of the trending questions displayed on anchr!



Creating  questions on anchr is simple and only requires a few simple steps. You begin by selecting from the following focus groups:

Home decor
Women’s fashion
Hair & beauty
Men’s Fashoin
Designs & Logos
Food & Drink

You then have the option of including the very trendy hashtags, if you so choose to enter that world (I am personally a lover of the hashtags!) You can upload two to four images and include captions for each one. Even more sophisticated and convenient would be the box to your right that allows you to google images and drag them right over to your question box. Being a stay at home mommy I basically have one thing on my brain, which would of course be my children… so it was only appropriate that my first official question be revolved around them! With a three year old convinced he is a pirate, I decided to go with that for the theme of his party. I chose to select four pirate cakes and see which ones people thought would be most suitable for a three year old’s birthday party. I also have the option of sharing my question on my other social media networks so I can get my friends and family involved with the voting.

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Another fabulous feature would have to be the “Anchr it” Button. Installing the button is as simple as dragging it to your toolbar, this gives you the ability to create new posts while you’re surfing the internet. So when you come across some really great images, click the Anchr it button and a new window will appear, previewing all the images you can use to create a new post. This is a really great feature and adds another way of making this website very easy to use!

This website is just simply amazing and I could go on and on about all the great things you can do! I love the simplicity and how clean and attractive it is ! Anchr also incorporates rules of etiquette, deterring any rude or offensive comments. This website is really geared towards a friendly and non judgmental group of people. That is a very rare attribute to find within a website and the main reason why I will keep coming back for more!

So what are you waiting for… visit www.anchr.co today and see what all the excitement is about! You will not be disappointed!

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4 thoughts on “Anchr: The Simple, Beautiful Way to Share Visual Questions

  1. Thanks for the post and giving me a new addiction; I didn’t really need to complete my class work today…LOL

    1. LOL!!! Hey, I warned you! I was on anchr the other night, I looked down at the clock and immediately said “wow, is that REALLY the time!” In all seriousness, I am glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

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