Amwell: Bringing The Doctor To You On Your Computer, Phone Or Tablet


Having to bring my children to the doctors office when they are not feeling well is the last thing I want to do. Something I have learned over the past 9.5 years of being a mother is that the pediatrician office will always suggest to bring your child in. They will never offer any advice or suggestions… other than “we think you should just bring them in.” Sometimes I wish I could just talk to someone (in the comfort of my own home) that can give me the best medical advice about my sick child. Thankfully there is a website out there that understands what an inconvenience it can be for parents having to bring a child to the doctors office. Amwell brings the doctor to you on your computer, tablet or phone so that you can speak one on one with a medical professional about your concerns.

Amwell: Bringing The Doctor To You On Your Computer, Phone Or Tablet

Navigating the Amwell website is simple, creating an account is even easier! Once you have created profiles for everyone in the family, all you have to do is click on the person that you are concerned about then find a doctor you would like to speak to. Amwell matches you with the best doctors and provides you with a form to fill out so the doctor already knows why you are contacting them.

Amwell: Bringing The Doctor To You On Your Computer, Phone Or Tablet

Being able to comfort your sick child at home and speak to a doctor without leaving is such an incredible experience! I have had to drag sick kids to the doctors far too many times, and the majority of the time it was completely unnecessary. Amwell makes it simple and convenient to talk to doctors and saves you from having to leave the house. With cold and flu season currently going on, now is the perfect time to visit Amwell for yourself and discover what an amazing service it can be for you and your family! As a new customer you can receive your first visit free using coupon code CARENOW6. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this wonderful service now!


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