Amazing Ideas for an Outdoor Adventure at the Ozarks

Society is becoming entrenched indoors. Life is so convenient you can easily exist without ever leaving your front door. You can work from home, have your groceries delivered, connect with your friends on social media. That’s why spending time in the outdoors is so important. It allows you to ignore the trappings of society. Being in nature is freeing. The Lake of the Ozarks is a huge reservoir located in central Missouri. The water provides ample opportunity for outdoor experiences. The Ozarks itself spreads across Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. It’s an awesome vacation spot no matter what part of the country you’re from.

Here are some ideas about what to do.

Rent a Boat

The lake is the perfect backdrop for almost any water sport. Boating is particularly fun because you don’t have to be an expert to get started. In fact, you don’t even have to drive the boat yourself if you don’t want to. The type of craft of that you should choose depends on the number of people in your party and your goals. Options range from canoes and paddle boats perfect for couples to boats that your entire family can comfortably lounge on. A houseboat rental is a great idea if you want to spend a couple of days or more on the water.

Visit the Bridal Cave

The bridal cave is surrounded in myth and lore. A classic Osage Native American story about love and relationships was born in the area. Visitors can go on guided tours that showcase stunning mineral formations and a subterranean lake. Tours occur every day starting at 9 a.m.

Go Camping… or Glamping

Roughing it doesn’t have to be brutal. You can go camping with a simple tent and a cooler full of hot dogs, but you can also go in a decked-out RV or rent a cabin. If you’re seeking luxury, there’s a gorgeous Four Seasons hotel replete with award-winning restaurants and a golf course. Enjoying the outdoors means something different depending on who you are. Some people would happily spend all day scampering around in the dirt and grass while others would go crazy if they didn’t have access to air conditioning and modern plumbing. There are endless places to camp in the Ozarks.


Hiking is a popular exercise because you can match your trail to your fitness level. If you’re disabled, elderly, or a child, you can take a short stroll in a stunning environment. Athletes who want to challenge themselves, meanwhile, can try to complete a more arduous course. Make sure you pay attention to the weather. Cover your skin if there’s going to be a lot of sunlight.

Lake of the Ozark State Park

The state park provides multiple camp sites and beautiful scenery. You can spend your entire vacation in the park and still not have time to do everything that’s offered. You can camp, hike, go boating, explore local caverns. The park also has some of the best hiking trails in the area.

Hit the Golf Course

Many people love to golf but few have time to indulge their passion. The Ozarks have multiple golf courses that you can visit. Most of them are open to the public. People of all ages and skill levels can hit the green. If you want to be competitive, though, you might want to consider getting some new equipment from Grips4Less. Old Kinderhook is one of the most popular public courses. You can play in a relaxing setting surrounded by picturesque fairways.

Bagnell Dam

The Bagnell Dam is an interesting place to visit. Construction was completed in 1931. It’s tied to the Lake of the Ozarks. You can go on a tour of the facilities and learn about the dam’s rich history. When you’re done with your visit, you can head across the street to the Bagnell Dam Strip which features restaurants and shops that you can visit.

Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Because the Ozarks cover such a wide expense of land that there are multiple state parks nestled within its borders. Ha Ha Tonka covers more than 3,000 acres. You can do everything that you can do at the Lake of the Ozarks State Park except in a different setting. In addition, you can visit the remains of an 19th century castle located near the Northwest entrance.

The Ozarks is a wonderful area that you can enjoy no matter what stage of life you’re in. You can also suit your vacation to your budget. To save money on your trip, pack a cooler full f food.

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