Alternatives To A Root Canal Treatment You Should Consider

A smile is one of the essential assets that anybody can have. It is a power, and it makes many things possible. Aside from that, smiling also brings positivity. It influences and inspires people to be bright. Having a brilliant smile is a symbol of happiness. However, not everybody is confident to smile. 

Even though they want to open their mouths, they cannot. Why? It is because not every person has perfect teeth that give them the confidence to smile widely. Fortunately, some oral surgeons help people to gain that confident smile they want by providing oral services. Dentists are doing their best to make their patient’s teeth clean, clear, balanced, and healthy. 

Experts keep reminding people to go to the dentist every six months. However, if you have dental problems, the dentist will give you a regular schedule to ensure you are healthy. The bacteria in the mouth can damage teeth and gums. It can cause infection and inflammation that will cause a more serious problem if ignored.

One of the dental procedures that dentists perform to take care of their patient’s teeth is root canal treatment. Now, what is root canal treatment? Sometimes, inflammation and infection are happening in the roots of the tooth because of bacteria. With this matter, the oral surgeon will remove the pulp. 

The pulp is the soft center of the tooth and is made of blood vessels, nerves, and tissue. It is also responsible for helping the tooth grow. When there is an inflammation and infection, the dentist will remove it to help you save your teeth and make you feel better and free from the pain. 

Many people think that root canal treatment is painful. But according to oral surgeons and experienced customers, it is not painful. Why? It is because the dentist gives anesthesia to numb the area. The patient will feel nothing during the root canal procedure. However, after a few days of root canal treatment, patients should expect discomfort and mild pain.

Since there are people who are not comfortable with root canal treatment, they are looking for other alternatives that they can try. Now, here are some alternative approaches to root canal treatment:

Alternatives Approach to Root Canal Treatment  

  • Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is removing the teeth. The oral surgeon knows if the tooth needs repair or removal, but they will also give you choices. In tooth extraction, the dentist will remove the infected tooth to avoid severe infection to the gums. 

Before doing the procedure, the dentist will give anesthesia to the patient to numb the area, so that the patient won’t feel anything. They will slowly perform the extraction flawlessly that you won’t even notice if it is done. Tooth extraction is very helpful. It makes you comfortable to move, eat, and sleep because you will get rid of your painful and infected teeth.

  • Direct pulp capping

Tooth decay usually happens, especially when someone does not have proper hygiene. With the foods we eat every day, bacteria forming on the teeth and gums. These bacteria can cause severe damage to the teeth. For decay, the oral surgeon sometimes recommends pulp capping to the patient when the decay does not reach the pulp yet. This procedure helps save the tooth. 

Direct pulp capping is when the dentist drills the patient’s cavity and removes the decay of the tooth. After removing the decay, the dentist will clean the area and put in a material to protect the patient’s pulp. 

  • Dental implants

The replacement of the roots of the tooth is called dental implants. It helps to strengthen and fix the teeth. One advantage of dental implants is that it matches the color of your original tooth. Aside from that, it also helps the patient to eat and have a good appearance and speech. Because of its durability, it can last for a long period. 

  • Apicoectomy

The apicoectomy is a term for root-end surgery. This procedure is removing the roots of the tooth, as well as the tissues. There is a tooth that cannot be saved by root canal treatment because of the damage. If the dentist encounters this problem, apicoectomy will be recommended to prevent severe cases and avoid risk to healthy teeth.

  • Internal Bleaching 

Discoloration usually happens to the teeth. It’s depressing to have discolored teeth because it is uncomfortable. With that problem, internal bleaching is one of the best solutions. It is the process of whitening the teeth to make them look shiny and cleaner. Internal bleaching is an inside and out bleaching of the teeth. It differs from tooth whitening, which only focuses on the outside.

  • Endodontic Retreatment

In every procedure, there is always a risk of improper healing and unsatisfied results. It is when endodontic retreatment takes place. Endodontic retreatment is ideal if the teeth do not heal properly from the previous procedure. It is a second chance treatment to help save the teeth or avoid oral problems. 

Final Thoughts

Going to the dentist is indeed expensive, but they save lives and are confident. You will pay more if you visit the dentist too late because of an oral problem. There are many ways to save teeth and to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. Your hygiene is still on you. You want to give a confident, beautiful and wide smile. For sure, you want to eat without having a toothache and want to feel clean inside and out. To achieve that, take care of your teeth as much as the dentist takes care of them.

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