All Of Your LED Shoe Questions Answered

All Of Your LED Shoe Questions Answered

People prefer the latest fashion in each and every industry, whether it is about the clothes, jewellery or shoes. Many times you must have seen the Light up Shoes in your childhood and even now kids are crazy for those type of shoes. The more science makes advancements, the more fashion we get out of it. Similarly, now the lights that are used for the shoes are the neon lights, which are very fabulous in look. As for kids adults also would like such shoes so wearing light up shoes brings back the memories of childhood. These LED neon lights in the shoes give a very stunning look in the dark. Even the dance performances in the dark use these Light up Shoes.

Specifications of Light up Shoes

These shoes come with a chargeable battery in them and they will last for at least 8 to 9 hours when they are fully charged. So whenever you are going out it will be better that you put them on the charging, moreover, there is an indicator as well to let you now that whether the battery is charged or not. Even the battery is empty it just takes just half hour to charge it back to full level. There is a USB port on the side of these shoes for the charging purpose. Including this, these shoes are available in many different sizes which can fit accurately with your feet. If you are bored from the same light everyday then just pull out the remote and change the color of the LED lights according to your choice.

Types of Light up Shoes

Basically, these type of shoes are available in the sneakers or joggers, and from this, you can easily understand that these type of shoes are to be wear for the purpose of jogging, dance practice, Sports or concerts. Still, you have to use these shoes very carefully as the lights are present in the sole of the shoes, with electronic circuit and water can easily damage these lights or the circuit inside the shoes. Avoid to wear these shoes in the watery places, instead, wear the normal shoes in such places. These shoes were made for the kids because they do not gain much weight and due to that, these lights do not get damaged. As for adults due to the weight, these lights could get damaged, but these latest shoes have resolved this issue and now you can wear them easily.

As it was discussed that these shoes should not come in contact with water and many of you wash these sneakers when thy gets dirty. So for such shoes avoid to wash them, rather you can clean them with a wet piece of cloth which may consume some time but comes in a benefit for these shoes. You can find these shoes anywhere in the market or the online stores. Including this try to keep these shoes from excess temperature because by coming in exposure to high temperature can damage the batteries. Every pair of Light up shoes are unique and different from one another and they have many great and different features in them.

On the online stores, you can find many different shoes with different manufacturing companies and unique styles. Before you will be bored from your old shoes, new ones will be already available in the shops.

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  1. Amazing information you have to share here about led shoes specification and types.Thanks for sharing this post and we will try to keep touch with your site.I would be interesting to see new interesting updates about led shoes topic.

  2. I just bought my son a pair of led shoes he likes them so much even when he is not wearing them he plays with the light…I tried charging them but the light that indicates that they are charging won’t come on…when the battery is completely empty does the charging light comes on?

  3. Hii,
    I really liked it this shoes and also want this for my cousin a pair of LED shoes from led light up. shoes look like really cool.
    please keep sharing.
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