After a Car Crash: Take These 4 Critical Steps

Accidents can happen even to cautious drivers, and when involved in a car accident, you might be shocked, shaking with adrenaline, or enraged at the person who rammed into you. Being in an accident, no matter big or small, can be a nerve-wracking experience. It is, therefore, important for you to know the steps to take after a crash.

Here are some steps you must take immediately after being involved in a car accident.

Step 1: Ensure that you are Safe

It is very normal to feel terrified and shaky after a car crash. Turn your hazards on, take a deep breath and pull your vehicle to a safe place. Pull your vehicle completely over to avoid getting hit by oncoming cars. Get everyone out of the way if you smell leaky gas.

Alternatively, if you feel your car is not safe to drive, leave it where it is and wait for the police to arrive. You can find yourself in a great amount of trouble if you leave a car accident scene where someone was injured or killed. But if someone left the scene where you unfairly lost your loved one, ensure that you get the help of a wrongful death attorney.

Step 2: Check yourself for Injuries

Call 911 or ask for help if you are injured. Try not to move whenever you are extremely hurt; stay calm and wait for the emergency personnel to arrive. Make sure you check on the other drivers involved in the accident if you are okay. However, avoid getting into any discussion regarding the accident.

Keep in mind that you might be injured in most cases but won’t feel the pain until a few days after the accident. This is usually the result of the rushing adrenaline after the crash. Consider going to the emergency room to ensure that you don’t have internal injuries.

Step 3: Gather your Evidence

Collect all the needed pieces of information while waiting for the police to arrive at the accident scene. The following are some of the most important information to collect and exchange after an accident:

  • License plate and the driver’s license number
  • Their names and contact information
  • Insurance company and policy number
  • The model, color, and type of the car
  • Place of the accident
  • Which direction you were heading
  • Your memory of what happened
  • The date and time of the accident

While doing that, avoid getting into any discussion regarding who is at fault or who is not. Were there any witnesses to the accident? If there are, make sure you take their contact information. This will help your lawyer contact them to get their version of what happened.

Step 4: Contact your Insurance Company

Immediately after the car crash, ensure that you contact your insurance company. You might not be at fault, but you will still need to contact them and let them know that you have been involved in an accident if the other driver involved is not insured.

If you don’t hear from the at-fault driver a few days after the accident, call their insurance company and let them know that you were involved in an accident with one of their drivers.

Summing Up

Car accidents happen every day, and car accident injuries can leave even the most careful driver frazzled. However, with these steps, you can protect yourself from unnecessary fears. In addition, you will get the chance to concentrate on more vital issues like working with your insurance company to get your car fixed.

One thought on “After a Car Crash: Take These 4 Critical Steps

  1. Some good tips here. I think that how to deal with a collision should form part of the driving test. Many people just leave their cars exactly where they collided and even for minor non injury bumps the expect the police to come out and do a full accident reconstruction. All that actually happens though is that they cause traffic build up whilst they exchange details.

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