Adequate Skincare Starts Young

Adequate Skincare Starts Young
The earlier in life you start developing a good skin care routine, the better. Hopefully your parents started teaching you and getting you into the habit of washing your face at least once every day (usually before bed). It is from this simple daily habit that really good skincare habits and routines are born.
If you were already in the habit of taking care of your skin and treating it gently, then the trauma of dealing with problems like acne and its scars probably wasn’t as severe as it might have been for your classmates. And, once you got used to caring for and treating acne properly, the shift from your teens and into your twenties, thirties, and beyond was more a matter of switching products than trying to develop new habits.
The earlier in life your skincare routine begins, the longer your skin will retain its youthful glow and strength. But what if you didn’t develop these good habits at an early age? What if you’re in your twenties or thirties and are just starting to figure this stuff out?
Don’t panic! What matters right now is not when you started caring for your skin but that you’re starting to learn proper care and keeping habits at all. Never assume that it is too late to start taking care of your skin! Here are some tips to help you “catch up.”
Care for Your Whole Body
Your instinct is going to be to focus only on your face and to continue using whatever soap you’d been using on the rest of your body. Be careful here! According to the Dermaclara reviews blog post Sexy Body Skin, each part of our bodies requires specific types of care. If you want to look great, you’ll care for every part of your body as well as you care for your face.
Adequate Skincare Starts Young
Mind Your Age
Your skin changes as you age, so make sure that you are choosing products that are built with your actual age in mind. You do not need to start with products built for teens when you are in your 20s or 30s. In fact, doing this is a really great way to damage your skin! Look for products (Nerium is a good example) and tutorials for your age group and start there. 
Work With the Pros
If you’re new to skincare or aren’t sure what to do beyond washing with a simple cleanser before bed (or don’t even know which cleanser to choose), make an appointment with a dermatologist. He or she can give your skin a thorough exam and help you figure out where to start with regard to techniques, tips and product recommendations for getting your skin “in shape.”
If you can’t afford a trip to the dermatologist (or your insurance won’t cover one), talk to the beauty experts at your local beauty supply store or cosmetics counters. Or talk to someone at the same salon you use for your hair or waxing. They will all likely be able to give you at least a cursory examination and a few tips to help you develop a skin routine based on your age and skin type. I also recommend taking a look at the best at home microdermabrasion machine.
Jump Starting Is Possible
While there is no “magic treatment” that can make up for decades of haphazard care in one go, there are treatments that can help jump start the repair and care process. The most common of these is the peel. You can get these done at the dermatologist or aesthetician office. Or you can make one yourself and administer it at home (just make sure you follow the instructions exactly). Peels are designed to remove the top layer of skin so that the healthy cells underneath can flourish. There can be some redness while your skin recovers but afterwards you should see a positive and noticeable change to your skin.
The primary issue here, however, is that no matter what age you are when you develop your skincare routine is that you make that routine a habit. Skin care is not a “when you feel like it” part of your hygiene. Making it a priority will help keep you healthier and much happier about your appearance!

2 thoughts on “Adequate Skincare Starts Young

  1. I totally agree with this article! It’s really the truth that beautiful skin and nice health in older age is always a result of proper care during the previous years! And yeah, it’s really important to choose the certain products definetely for your age group, also using only the ones with high quality. As I know the natural skin care became very popular again and I really like this way, I think it’s the best in many ways, for example pure natural cosmetics gave the best effect in case of my skin 🙂
    And of course beautiful skin is very connected with nice health, I mean that too much stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet and bad habbits (especially smoking) are a very bad solution in this case. Regular physical activity is important too in this case because it makes the state of the whole body better, including the skin.

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