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What Is Chatterfun Media?

Chatterfun Media

Chatterfun Media is opening the world to young minds through language discovery and cultural exploration. From toddlers to pre-teens, Chatterfun is an introduction to multi-lingual possibilities. Before you invest several hundred dollars enrolling in language classes or purchasing expensive books or tapes, our affordable and fun learning builds critical first steps towards successful long-term language development. Chatterfun curriculum is used in schools, organizations and clubs around the world to introduce children to second languages.”

Available Software


Chatterfun Media offers two language learning software programs, specifically for children between ages 3-10. ABC’s with Elly focuses on a younger audience, while the Spelling Bee Interactive is geared towards older children. These programs are suited for all types of classroom environments, including homeschooling, daycare, and traditional classrooms. These programs can be purchased separately or as a bundle for a discounted price.



Product Description

“ABC’s with Elly is an exciting format for children to experience global language for the first time. Your child will explore ABC’s in sign language or discover numbers and words in English, German, French or Spanish. With over 1000 words, ABC’s with Elly will open your child’s eyes and ears to a new world. Created by early childhood professionals, ABC’s with Elly is the number one introduction to foreign language for home and school.”

Learning Outcomes:
1) Develop an appreciation and understanding of foreign language and global culture.
2) Formulate a first impression and begin developing a student opinion to languages.
3) Increase language competencies and overall vocabulary while developing fundamental skills in basic words, letters and numbers.
4) Build enthusiasm to pursue additional language instruction and global exploration.
5) Experience a fun and rewarding learning environment.

What The Reviewers Thought!

Learning another language is a great advantage for any child and is proven to benefit them in various ways. We have always been advocates for introducing our children to language learning material, however it hasn’t always been a simple task. My daughter was a sponge for learning since a young age and I never once had trouble encouraging her to try new things. My son is a bit more challenging and it take several approaches to help him maintain full focus and work on the lesson at hand. We had recently discovered that apps and computer games appeased him very much and when given the opportunity to review the ABC’s With Elly, I was more than thrilled to introduce that to him! My children are connected at the hip while at home together, so it was no surprise to me that they immediately sat together and began to work on this program together! This software was simple enough for my children to follow while still maintaining their interest. Many language learning software can cost you hundreds of dollars and I am in awe of the affordable pricing offered for this particular program. With all of the significant benefits of teaching your children another language and the spectacular pricing of this software, I really believe this is an excellent resource for you to begin the journey! What are waiting for, check it out for yourself today!

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  1. I love the age range on this. I have a 3 year old and an 11 year old so it’s nice to know that they could both use this program. I think it’s a great way to introduce a foreign language to kids.

  2. wow this is going to be great thing to have sit a lot of age of kids and they can learn things i can help them achive more

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