A Review of the Birthstone Claddagh Ring

I was recently provided a Birthstone Claddagh Ring to review and I am so excited to share more about it with you today! This stunning, elegant and well crafted ring is one that you will love for many years. Whether you need the perfect gift, or would simply want one of your own, this is a quality and affordable ring that will  yield you many compliments. 

A Review of the Birthstone Claddagh Ring

Here are the facts about birthstones if this is something you are not familiar with:

What Are Birthstone Rings and Birthstone Jewelry?

Birthstone are gemstones that accompany a specific birth month. Each month has its own unique birthstone and each birthstone has a unique birthstone meaning and historical significance. Birthstone Claddagh Rings are given as a birthday gift. Birthstones are precious or semi-precious gemstones, even created gems that are associated with each month. Birthstones are considered lucky for their particular months and for those who believe in such things their healing powers are heightened during these times.

A Review of the Birthstone Claddagh Ring

I received this stunning Claddagh Ring March Birthstone in Aquamarine. Such good craftmanship went into making this ring and I always wear it proudly. Much details was put into creating this ring and if you look closely, you can see that there are two hands holding the birthstone. 

A Review of the Birthstone Claddagh Ring

If you love hearing that back story on the company that created these rings, then this will be a good read for you!

The Irish Jewelry Company

“The Irish Jewelry Company celebrates their Celtic heritage and a love of Ireland through original Irish Jewelry design. Their beautiful Irish jewelry is steeped in Celtic symbolism and rich in Irish tradition. Started by a husband and wife team, fulfilling a lifelong dream of honoring their families’ Irish heritage through a combined 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry. They are a family owned and operated company. The Irish Jewelry Company loves bringing high quality and stylish Irish Jewelry, Claddagh Rings, Celtic Crosses and Celtic Jewelry as well as sophisticated Irish gifts to our customers.

Although based in the US the owners frequently visit their family home in Ireland and travel Europe discovering new product and spotting new trends. They are proud supporters of the Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce, AOH and LAOH, the local PTA, OLP Church, WLIW21, WFUV Celtic  programming, Emerald Society, Goal Na Gail and The American Ireland Fund.

The Irish Jewelry Company believes in providing customers with specially selected unique Irish gifts everyone will love and appreciate for any occasion. All employees The Irish Jewelry Company are proud to be Irish and we understand our customers are proud to be Irish. Our Irish gifts make a statement that every Irishman can be proud to give.”

A Review of the Birthstone Claddagh Ring

As someone that is over 60% Irish, this is a piece of jewelry that I am also proud to wear because it represents my heritage. I honestly can not find something negative to report about the ring. It is great quality, very affordable, and simply beautiful… what more could you ask for in a ring?! 

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